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How Does Free Will Affect Psychic Readings?

One of the things involved in every kind of psychic prediction is free will. We all have free will. Free will can change the outcome of the predictions psychics make. How? It’s simple.

Since you spoke with the psychic, you gained more insight into the future, and you have free will to change it. You’re in control of your own life and can change anything you want about it. Your actions, therefore, alter future events.

For example, a psychic’s intuition may tell them that they see you working a job that makes you unhappy five years from now. The psychic is only picking this information up based on your current situation. Their prediction will come true if you don’t choose to do something about it and change your destiny.

The psychic can only see what will happen if you don’t change how you do things or fix whatever’s stopping you from your dream job. Luckily, psychics are great at helping you know what you need to change and how to change it to get things done.

Maybe you have a deep-rooted self-esteem problem. Perhaps you’re lacking in confidence and don’t think you deserve your perfect job. They can uncover these issues and help you work through them.

Psychics Can’t Create Your Fate Or Destiny

Although similar, fate and destiny are two different things. Only a thin line separates them and it can be hard to see the difference. We tend to be gullible to whatever our psychic reader tells us, regardless of if the reading is good or bad.

Those who receive good readings, especially in love and relationships, follow the advice of their psychic advisor and continue to seek more tips and consultations, especially when the predictions turn out to be true.

Meanwhile, clients who receive inaccurate readings become understandably wary about their situation. They might resort to methods that prevent the predictions from taking place or just not believe in the psychic.

Most people forget that psychics only provide predictions, which don’t necessarily have to be true. Sure, they can read us and our energy with their unique abilities, but the decision to make things come true or not still lies in our hands.

Some Predictions Don’t Come True Because…

  • You already know the outcome of a situation before actually consulting a psychic; so you are just looking for a second opinion.

  • After getting a reading you make decisions and do that’s to prevent the prediction from taking place. A psychics reading is never final. You can change future events through the actions and decisions you make everyday.

  • You simply choose not believe what your psychic told you. If you choose to ignore your advice it can change the outcome of their prediction as well.

Psychics base their readings on how they feel you, through their mind, aura and spirit. They also consider the way you talk about your issues and ask questions. The emotions you’re experiencing and the background information you give them regarding these problems all play an important role.

All of this gets taken into consideration for a good reading. Unfortunately, some psychics want to play with your emotions and give you bad advice. Some not only give you bad advice but they’ll also straight-up lie to you.

They’ll try to scare you with threats of curses and spells. They then claim they can resolve this bad energy with special rituals or incantations that cost a lot of money. Beware of these phony psychics.

Real Psychics Understand Free Will

Real psychics don’t need to use tricks and deceit to make money. They acknowledge the presence of free will and constantly remind their clients that their destinies can change depending on their decisions. They are also open to new possibilities that their clients may encounter, regardless if they foresaw those events or not.

So, don’t be disappointed when your psychic gives you a reading that doesn’t come true. It doesn’t prove that you went to the wrong psychic; maybe you made decisions that changed the outcome of their predictions thanks to their guidance and advice.

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