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How This Retrograde Effects The Capricorn

The cosmos granted us a mere two weeks of peace upon entering 2022 before unleashing their most infamous form of mayhem. That’s right: Mercury’s retrograde again. The year’s first Mercurial backspin kicks off on Jan. 14 and lasts through Feb. 3. This pesky transit is known for causing tech troubles, travel snags, brain fog, and communication clashes galore — which isn’t exactly something to look forward to. That said, it can also be a helpful time to slow down and review your current trajectory so you can course-correct and make necessary adjustments. Understanding how Mercury retrograde winter 2022 will affect your zodiac sign can help you outsmart the drama.

Mercury is the planet that rules all matters of logistics, and this includes things like thinking, texting, number-crunching, scheduling, or communicating in general. When the planet enters aretrograde period — as Mercury will four times throughout 2022 — it can cause mix-ups and slow-downs in all of these areas. This makes it an inauspicious time to begin new projects or sign contracts, as you’re more likely to run into misunderstandings or roadblocks when trying to do so. It’s also important to be diligent about double-checking deadlines and leave extra time to get around, since timing can get tricky when Mercury’s moonwalking.

Mercury entered futuristic and community-oriented air sign Aquarius on Jan. 1, which is where it’ll begin its upcoming backspin. This could put an added strain on tech communication, group projects, or friendship dynamics during the first half of the retrograde, so make sure you back up your files and double-check that your texts and emails are going to the right place. On Jan. 25, Mercury will rewind into practical-minded Capricorn for the remainder of the retrograde, which could bring confusion to money matters or throw wrenches into our most well-laid plans. If possible, avoid making any big purchases and hold off on starting any major projects until Mercury has stationed direct, which happens on Feb. 3.

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