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How To Boost And Clear Energy In Your Office And Home

If you can imagine that everything around you is energy, then it may make sense that sometimes you can walk into a room and it just doesn’t feel good and you don’t know why? Or it could be the exact opposite and you just want to stay there forever… feeling that you want to soak up the bliss. We are all connected to an energy matrix and sometimes we can collect energy from stress or from the environment. It may be that your energy field is off-kilter.

Different environments can affect the way you are feeling. EMF – electromagnetic fields, even crowded spaces or geographic stress can do this. Often those of you that are sensitive to energy will prefer not to be in crowded spaces. Catching trains crammed with commuters or working in a busy city is not your thing.

It’s so important that your home or place of work feels “good”. Remember, you spend 8 hours or more a day at work and around the same sleeping in your bedroom. Place plants in as many rooms as possible. This is a really simple tip, but can make such a big difference. Plants not only help detoxify the air, but also bring nature inside. When we connect with nature, it makes us feel more grounded. That’s why people love to hang out in parks. Keep close to those big beautiful trees. Trees have the highest vibrational energy of anything on the planet. Lean back and sit nestled into a spot in the trunk (perfect if is a big old tree) Be still and listen carefully… Sometimes you can even receive messages! I have a favorite tree in the park close to my local beach.

Keep windows open to let fresh air in. Colors in the home are important too. Soft peaceful colors in the bedroom enhance good sleep. Go with what feels good to you. Fresh flowers will also beautify the home. I often use diffusers in my home. If you don’t have one just grab a spray bottle and fill with water and add some of your favorite essential oils. Make sure the oils are pure. For instance, if you are wanting to make the room more relaxing use a mixture of lavender and sandalwood. Frankincense is very calming and great for releasing fear. Mix up your favorites! Have fun with it and take note of how your feeling after you have used the spray or diffuser.

Happy photos of family and good times should be placed in the home and if possible, in the workspace. Likewise, beautiful prints of the beach, rainforests, flowers or perhaps your favorite country to visit placed on the walls. There is nothing like coming home after a super busy day to your special place that feels welcoming, like a home should. Your happy place. So, you can relax.

If you are moving into a new home, make sure you clean everything thoroughly. The previous owners may have been clean, but it’s important that you are establishing your own energy field in the home. When unpacking ask yourself… “Do I use this?”, “Does this make me feel good?”. For instance, If you haven’t used that old tray for years, get rid of it! Its taking up space and causing clutter. Clutter left to build up will not make you feel good. Once you sort out what you no longer use you will feel so much lighter. You will also be amazed at all the extra space you have! Do this with everything in your home including your wardrobe.

Clean air is very important in the home. It can be easy to forget that the air we breathe can affect the way we feel. The air around you can dramatically affect your auric field. We need lots of negative ions in our atmosphere. Too many positive ions are not good. For example natures ion generators like the mountain forest or ocean surf can be around 4 – 5,000 ions per cubic centimeter. An Office or home environment where there is air con and smoking will be somewhere between 0 – 200. An Ionizer can help create a negative-ion atmosphere.

Salt and crystals also help with removing unwanted energies in your environment. Salt has amazing purifying properties. It acts as a neutralizer in our oceans and helps destroy some of the biological pollution. That’s why we feel amazing after going for swims in beautiful beaches.

If you feel you need to clear negative energy in a room (it may feel heavy) using salt can help. Only use rock or sea salt. Put some salt in bowls and leave them in each corner of the room for 2 days. Remove after this time. The salt helps collect the negative energies. This could be from arguments, drug use, sickness or entities.

Having a salt lamp in your home can help you sleep better, help with allergies and asthma. They emit negative ions which neutralizes the positive ions from computers, TV’s and any other electrical items you have around your home. They are highly recommended for stress and anxiety also.

Crystals not only look beautiful but can help energize your home and your own energy. For example, Tourmaline is very grounding and purifying. It helps neutralize negativity and will give psychic protection. Amethyst invokes feminine spiritual energy and is also very soothing and calming. If you have exams coming up and you’re studying hard at home use Carnelian it will help keep you motivated, take action and focused. Tigers eye is also very grounding. Check out some crystals next time you see a crystal shop, take a wander around and see what you are drawn to. Don’t forget to keep your crystals cleansed. You can do this by holding them tightly in your hand and sending them lots of love. Do this for a few minutes and you will see the changes in color. You can also run them under water or put them out under the moonlight to recharge and bring them back in when its daylight. Take special care of them, they are amazing beings.

Smudging is another way of clearing negative energies and has been around for many years. Sage sticks are popular, as is Sweetgrass. Always remember to smudge yourself before beginning the smudging process of clearing a space. Walk around every corner of each room with the sticks to let the smudging make its way through. Some people like to use a feather to move the smoke around and break it up. Always make sure you use a fireproof bowl under the sage sticks to catch any sparks. Be careful as herbs can continue to burn, so make sure they are completely out once you have finished the smudging process.

These are simple tips that you can do yourself starting today! Have fun with it!

Love and Light,

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