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How To Call On Your Angels

If you want help, guidance or assistance with a problem, call on an Angel to work through it with you. Their energy is always available to lift your vibration higher and get a stagnant situation moving again. Here are some techniques that you can try when you’re ready to call on your Angels…

Believe it or not, this is actually how I got into working with Angels. I was very sceptical about them before and didn’t truly believe they existed. Then my friend Lauren gave me a pack of Angel Therapy cards and they were the first cards that I’d owned apart from my trusty old Tarot deck. I quickly realised that the Angels were keen to come through and give me messages, and now I get the pleasure of working with them every single day. The more I work with them, the more they give me signs and help me out with stuff.

If you can find an Angel card deck that you feel drawn to, set the intention when using it that you want the Angels to start giving you messages. The great thing about pulling an Angel card is that it will literally give you the Archangel’s name with a written message from them. It’s super clear, easy and simple. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to start connecting with Angels.

The truth is that Angels are probably already coming to you even though you’re not calling them. The way you’ll know if they’ve visited is through signs, so it’s time to start looking out for them now if you don’t already. Some of the most common signs you’ll get are…

White Feathers – Floating down outside your window, drifting by your feet or turning up around your house. White feathers are often the calling card of an Angel.

Smell of Flowers – Many people will randomly notice a sweet floral scent when they’re just at home alone sitting on the sofa. If you have a psychic sense of smell (yes it’s a real thing), the Angels might give you this sign to let you know they’re with you.

Flash of Light – I see Angels as different colours of light energy. You might have seen the photos online of people in near-death situations who got saved by a brilliant white light, and the whole thing was caught on CCTV. Angels often become physically visible in this way, so if you see a flash of light that you can’t explain – it could be an Angel letting you know they’re with you.

Angel Numbers – “What does this number mean?” is one of the most common questions that I get asked. Luckily, I’ve already written articles about Numerology: The Secret Meaning of Angel Numbers and What 11.11 Means so I direct people to those. If you keep seeing repeating numbers like 111, 777 or 888 – for example – it’s a very clear sign that the Angels are trying to communicate with you.

A Tingling Sensation – If you’re clairsentient, you might be getting tingles right now as you read about Angels. Perhaps when you think of an Archangel’s name the hairs on your arm stand up, or there’s a rippling sensation around your crown chakra. Feeling physical tingles and sensations is another sign that an Angel energy is with you.

Strange But Obvious Coincidences – Once, I was asking the Angels for help while walking through a shopping mall and, as I looked down, the woman in front of me had an angel wing tattooed on each ankle. These strange coincidences and WTF moments are to make you stop and notice them. Seeing an Angel-related sign at a perfect moment is a very clear message that they’ve heard your prayers.

Feeling unsure is a horrible experience for us as humans, so if you want to check that the Angels are definitely coming when you’re calling for them – ask them to send you more signs.

This is good advice whenever you’re feeling unsure or worried about something. Asking for more signs is often how I arrive at a decision or choose which way to go next with something; and when the sign arrives, it really makes me feel like I’m being guided along and supported. I think the energetic vibration of Earth would be a lot higher if we were all sure of how guided and supported we really are.

It’s also a good idea to ask for more signs if you think maybe you saw a sign but you’re not 100% sure. Allow the Angels to give you confidence and clarity by confirming that for you with a stronger sign.

This is where you can really call the Angels further into your life. Meditation is the key to developing any type of spiritual connection…

Sit quietly and send your energy up as high as it’ll go. Open up a space by emptying your mind. Feel the intention of wanting to connect with Angel energies or ask them in your mind to come forward if it feels right.

Notice any changes which happen for you – whether you instinctively feel drawn to colours, shapes or names. I think many people imagine that you’ll see a hunky man with big white wings and a loin cloth, but that’s rarely how it goes. You’re more likely to experience them as tingles, lights, sensations and maybe sounds. I can hear the clear sound of a bell ring in my ear and I call it an “Angel ring”. If one of your stronger psychic senses is clairaudience then you might get something similar too.

The key is to be patient and keep practising over days, weeks and months. Your connection will get clearer over time. Eventually, you’ll get used to them coming in to visit you during your meditations where they can give you loving energy, support and guidance.

This is a really powerful way to get clear answers on anything you want the Angels to help with. Post-meditation when your energy channels are activated, sit with an empty page and a pen. Initiate a conversation by writing something like: “Dear Angels, please can you tell me the best way to go next in my career?”

Without allowing your mind to speak, just start writing whatever message wants to flow through your hand. Let go of all judgement for a moment and transcribe the answer freely. The answers that come out when your mind doesn’t get in the way can be profound and perfectly timed.

I often also write letters to the Angels and then close my journal for it to manifest. This isn’t to receive any messages from them as such, but just to tell them my wishes and for me to get crystal clear on what I really want. Calling on your Angels can help you to manifest because they’ll leave hints and clues in your path for what you’ll need to get there.

☽ ☆ ☾

Hopefully, you can see now that there are many different ways for you to call on your Angels. The most important thing is that you follow your intuition for how they’re appearing in your life – what you sense and feel is right for you, so trust it.

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