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How To Energize Your Thoughts

Telepathy is described in Webster’s Dictionary as: a way of communicating thoughts directly from one person’s mind to another person’s mind without using words or signals.

I have employed this uber skill for practically my entire life with great success and even as a teenager learned just how effective it was on a pubescent male. So many of you ask about love and relationships and yet fail to use one of your greatest tools to communicate with the intended of your affections. Telepathy offers a pathway that only the wisest of souls utilize and why? Because, between the pining, whining and longing, romantics often forget that “Working in the invisible is the greatest way to create the visible.”

Okay so now that I’ve piqued your interest, let me teach you how to work in the ethers to accomplish the following and more:

  • To attract someone you are interested in.

  • To bring an end to conflict.

  • To create a perfect romantic holiday.

  • To solve any circumstance.

  • To covey love.

  • To activate sexual energy/tantra

Using telepathy is as simple as this;

  • Find a quiet place like your bedroom, your bathtub, or any place which is unaffected by noise or others.

  • Concentrate on the person you wish to communicate with.

  • Focus your energy and concentrate on building that energy. The more energy you pour into your message the greater the impact.

  • See it traveling through space on a beam of light to the person you are sending it to and see it hit them right in the heart.

  • Repeat the message several times then let it go.

Try it first on a friend or family member. For example work on something simple with someone you are close to. Send out a telepathic message for that person to call or text message you. If it happens within 10 minutes of your telepathic transmission, congrats, you are well on your way to learning how to use telepathy. If it doesn’t then keep practicing, like anything else, practice makes perfect.

Remember, in the heavens it is the only way souls communicate, through thoughts, no words are ever spoken, thinking is deliberate not random, and for good reason. Imagine if on earth we could hear the thoughts of 7.2 billion people? It begs the question, “What are your thoughts? Are they kind to yourself and to others? Are they rampant like a raging sea or are they clear and deliberate? Now would be a good time to evaluate how you think and what you think and begin to organize your thoughts, discipline your mind and wield your thoughts with deliberate intention.

Now more than ever, telepathy is a tool which you can employ to move every mountain in your life but remember, use it with wisdom. Bending the will of another person or using any spiritual tool to control, manipulate or with bad intentions will backfire and return to the sender multiplied.

Think kind and loving thoughts, send kind and loving thoughts and live kind and loving thoughts and you will see nothing but beautiful karma returning to you.

If you would like to know more about using telepathy or other master skills, get in touch with me here, I would love to enlighten you.

Love & Light

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