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How To Fall In Love Again

I know there are days you feel like you should start a new life in all areas, especially in the department of long-term commitments, specifically marriage. We tell ourselves we stay because of the kids or other reasons. However, deep down, we often stay because we still love our partners. It may not feel romantic or exciting, but we love our partners in ways that may not always feel exciting.

The great news is that all relationships have the potential of regaining the spark that got you to want to get married in the first place. You may feel like you’re doomed for splitsville or some sad ending, but you have a choice. There are several things you can do to spice up your relationship if it is starting to get stale .

Start a Game Plan for Change to Rekindle Love

Before we get started with enhancing tips, you need to identify what you feel the relationship is missing. You must be specific about what you need and want from your partner; otherwise, it will be harder to create a healthy game plan for change. To help you start your enhancement plan, let’s look at things that you may consider mentioning:

  1. More intimacy – Be specific about what you consider intimacy to be.

  2. Communication – How often do you want to share things, and what does healthy communication look like for you?

  3. Fun activities – Consider the things you can share as a couple such as dance lessons, cooking courses, yoga, gardening, etc.

  4. Dinner time – Food is a great place to combine cooking together, with light conversation; this means no problem-solving topics.

  5. Sharing home chores – Making your home a place to enjoy begins with keeping things in order. Discuss how you can share this arduous task as a couple.

  6. Traveling – Talk about trips you can take whether it is just a quick local getaway, a visit to another state or extensive trip to another country. Of course, it needs to be budget friendly.

  7. Honesty – Communicate with transparency but avoid being brutal or nitpicking.

  8. Be a united front – It is essential to express that you need to be included in decision-making.

  9. Consistency – To keep relationship romance working, you need to keep a routine and not just engage with each other for brief periods.

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