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How To Get Through A Break Up 5 Tips

After too many nights of ugly crying and the ‘I hate him and hope he rots in a cask of putrid turnips!’ anger … after you’ve imbibed more than your yearly allotment of cocktails, vodka and achey-breaky heart songs in a single month … when you’ve given your best and most perfect proposals to the Universe to bargain with … and long after the disappearance of friends who heard one too many of your ruminative self epiphanies …

You’ve finally made it to the stage of acceptance.

The days of waking up from sleep, with a sinking feeling of disappointment and yearning because you realise that it wasn’t all just a bad dream, and feeling your heart ache and your gut clench all over again – are over.

You may feel like you’ve been through the wars but finally, the dawn has arrived along with a new hope.

It may happen suddenly one day when you wake up and say ‘Enough! I’ve had enough of feeling sad about this.’

Or it may happen slowly, over a few days or weeks until you suddenly realise that hey, you’re actually ok. And you’re looking forward to going out again with your friends or even on a date.

You may even notice that good-looking fella who always smiles at you when you pick up your lunch at the same time everyday at your local fast food shop[Do you really think it’s a coincidence he’s there at the same time each day? Maybe. But if he fancies you then know that smart men plan.].

You’re becoming yourself again. Nay, you’re becoming more than you were. Now that you’ve gone through this breakup with awareness you’re stronger than you ever were.

Yes, hopefully you’ve now learned 3 things.

1) There is hope for love again in your life – and there always will be.

2) By taking care of yourself so well through this breakup it’s helped you realise you deserve better than to go through this too often by making the same choices and mistakes.

3) Remember all you’ve learned about yourself during this time. Remember and do it differently next time.

As well as pushing ourselves too much when it’s not appropriate, we also have a tendency to not complete things emotionally and energetically. In our overly masculinised society we have been taught that if we finish something in the mundane practical way, then it’s enough.

That part of us, our immeasurable feelings and what we’ve been through emotionally in a breakup, need acknowledgement and respect. As does the relationship itself. No matter what, it very likely taught you something valuable about yourself. And when someday you are with your big true love, you will see that having your freedom now is a gift.

Both your feelings and the relationship deserve a sacred completion. Let’s do that now. And as you all know, I’m a practical woman so let’s keep it simple!

Your Sacred Ritual of Completion

This is not the time to ruminate on the memories and what you wish for your ex. That was for stages 2, 3, and 4. Now is the time to be firm and final.

Treat it like the spiritual version of saying goodbye to someone at the airport, with the thought that you don’t know if you’ll see them again if ever.

You need:

A black pen

Recyclable paper

A natural body of water.

  1. Find time and space to be alone and undisturbed.

  2. Wherever you choose to be, do some deep breathing and centering of your mind, heart, and spirit.

  3. When you are ready write down the following:Goodbye (Ex’s name.)I accept that our time together is done.I accept that I am walking forward in life, apart from youI willingly big you Farewell. Goodbye (Ex’s Name.)

  4. Take this to the nearest body of water you can find. A river is best but any clean natural body of water will do.

  5. Tear up the paper and with a final ‘goodbye’, drop it into the water.

  6. Take a deep breath of freedom.

  7. Without lingering any more, walk or drive away from this place and go on to have a life that you choose for you boo.

Final Thoughts

It’s been hard and you may have shed more tears than you thought possible. Your heart has been battered and bruised and you don’t even know how you’ve gotten through some of the darkest days.

But you’ve also realised something. You’ve become more than you were. Now that you’ve gone through this breakup with awareness, you’ve learned how strong you really are. How much you love yourself. How deserving you are of good things too. And maybe even how you were denying yourself the good in life without even realising it.

You deserve better. You deserve love. You deserve your Happily Ever After.

And remember. The Sun always rises again; and so can you.


We are here to help you through this, so please ring us. All of us here at Psychics Secrets we have experienced this and know how to support you through it!

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