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How to Know if You Lived a Past Life

Are you someone that wonders who you were in the past life? There are many different kinds of psychics that you can talk to that practice hypnosis and other things that can help people to figure out their past life and where they have come from.

Past life regression is one way that you can find out about your past life through hypnotherapy. These are some things that might happen to you if you have had a past life:

Memories That You Don’t Know

Do you ever feel that you were born during the wrong time, and you feel that you have connected with things such as history and other things out of your norm? It is common for people that have had past lives to have memories of something or somewhere that they have been.

These can come with things like having a birthmark or something that makes you feel strongly or remember something.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is something that often happens to people that have lived a past life. If you have this happen to you often where you feel like you have done something or been somewhere that you have never been before, it could be because your soul has been there before.

Unexplained Fears

Are there things that you are afraid of that you cannot explain? This can be because you have died in the past life from something that makes you afraid now. Maybe you were hung, or you drowned, and this causes you to be afraid now.


Some people have pains that they cannot explain. They go to the doctor, and they have the pains, but the doctor cannot figure out why. These pains can be unexplained, and this can be because of something that happened to you in the past life.

This can also be a personality disorder or a phobia such as anger or fear of something like spiders.

Cultural Identity

Instead of identifying with who you are, you tend to identify with other cultures or other times. You are drawn to things such as history and you feel a pull when you talk about certain cultures.

Strong Skills

Some people are very skilled at things that they have never learned such as music or other things. A child that is a genius will be able to do things that other people cannot do, and they have never been taught.

These skills can come from something you were good at in your past life.

Much Knowledge

Some people are very smart and there is no real explanation for it. Some people can remember things after seeing them once and this is a sign that you have lived a past life and have learned many things.


Dreams a like memories and if you keep having the same dreams over and over again but they are about people and places that you don’t know, this can be a memory of your past life.

As long as people have dreamed there have been people that have been trying to interpret what dreams mean.

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