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How To Tell If Someone Is Psychic?

There are so many different types of psychic abilities. You would be shocked or maybe not to find out that your spiritual intuition, another term for these abilities, is active and one of these amazing gifts. Basically, anything from the psychic powers list will essentially enable you to see, feel, know or hear various bits of information from beyond your physical reality. It may be so normal for you to experience these occurrences that you don’t even realize that you are using psychic abilities. It may just be a normal element of your day to day life. If this is you you are not alone. Everyone is psychic; everyone uses their gifts in some manner even if they are a complete skeptic.

Psychic powers are usually portrayed as only being attributed to specific kinds of people. That’s untrue. This belief is employed to sell movies by our friends in Hollywood. They have perpetrated this hoax, for the lack of a better term, so they can make these exciting films. Once more, you are all psychic. The thing is that some of you have learned how to develop psychic abilities more so than others. And you have done so without any recognition of doing so.

How To Awaken Your Intuition

It is important to differentiate two terms when talking about these spiritual gifts, developing and awakening. Developing tends to lean towards creating which is not really accurate; awakening is more about the gift already present but the awareness isn’t. In turn with awakening, it is all about unveiling, accessing, and learning how to use psychic abilities. It is about some encouragement and training.

It is no different than learning how to cook by following a recipe or even learning to ride a bicycle. It can be difficult at first but can be accomplished by almost everyone. It is just that for some people it comes more readily. You may have found this in your case. A spiritual awakening is often the beginning of this journey but it can be stimulated by the most trivial change to your life. The key is understanding psychic abilities, what they are and which gifts are strong within you just like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars when Yoda said to him, “the force is strong within you”. It is strong within you too.

What Types Of Psychic Abilities Do You Have?

Intuition is probably the most common psychic ability that we all actually recognize. You may wonder how to know when your intuition is talking to you? This is where trust comes in and more importantly training and recognition. First, you must understand that psychic gifts like Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, or Clairsentience, which are the four main Clairs as they are affectionately called, are exactly that, gifts. You do not learn them or have them endowed upon you. You do not earn them in any way other than being born that is.

There isn’t anyone, including you, who have not thought at some time or another that they have had some form of psychic event. Even jokingly you may have heard yourself say “I must be psychic” because you knew or felt something that happened. The simplest example and a very common one is when the telephone rings and it is the person you were just thinking about moments before. It may have been someone you haven’t spoken to in ages. This is precognition. How do you explain it other than it is a special ability?

The majority of people may use the term “coincidence” for this type of happening but it is a form of Claircognizance ‘clear-knowing’. You may say that it was just a “gut feeling” but guess what? Gut feelings and women’s intuition are a form of psychic powers. These abilities have been around ever since man has.

Because just being aware that you have a certain ability doesn’t mean that you are proficient at it. This is why we can then work together to do just that. We will determine and select which 2 or 3 you would like to work on. At this point, awakening your psychic powers will be our goal for you. If you choose to move forward a regiment of meditation and psychic development exercises will be developed for you to follow.

How To Tune Into Your Intuition And Other Psychic Abilities

I have helped many people do just this. You can come to me believing that you do have psychic abilities but not sure. You may believe you are imagining these events. You even feel that you are going slightly mad after all beginning to “see dead people” can be shocking to anyone. You may feel you are imagining the whole thing. All types of psychics will tell you that there is a definite difference between the imagination and the psychic senses.

Your imagination is something that you have to choose to employ. Unless you put your mind to it, you won’t. Psychic abilities are a little different. Things can begin to occur like seeing auras and did not consciously decide to do so. It was activated somehow. Mostly though it begins when you become curious.

How Do I Know My Intuition Is Right?

Just being here right now reading this or listening to the podcast shows that you have some desire to know more. Your psychic ‘spidey senses ‘ are tingling. This motivation is all part of the unveiling process.

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