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How to Use a Crystal Pendulum

If you are looking to expand your spiritual practice and gain some clarity, a crystal pendulum can be a great tool to guide you. Crystals hold powerful healing properties that can help align chakras and balance the body, mind, and spirit. They are excellent tools to complement tarot readings and can also be used for crystal healing purposes to discover where energies might be blocked. Whether you own a crystal pendulum or are considering purchasing one, below is a guide to using one in your practices.

What is a Pendulum?

Pendulums are a tool for divination and spiritual healing. They are made from sharp, polished crystals with a point that is attached to a metal chain or sometimes a string. They can also be made from carved wood on a thread. When suspended in the air by a stationary object or held up by the fingers, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion.

How to Use a Crystal Pendulum

Crystal pendulums are excellent if you need fast answers as they can give yes/no answers to your questions. They can also be used to help identify energy blocks.


If you are new to using pendulums in your spiritual practice, make sure you select one that catches your eye. It’s important to choose one in person, one that you feel drawn to. There may be a specific type of crystal that pulls you toward it such as rose quartz, sodalite, jasper, or lapis lazuli. Each gemstone has specific healing properties, and you may want to select one that resonates with the types of readings you do or with the chakra you feel needs the most healing.


Once you have selected your crystal pendulum it is important that you cleanse it. This helps neutralize the energies of the crystal, purifying it from anything it may have absorbed in the store or on its way to you. You can cleanse your pendulum in saltwater, by placing it under direct moonlight or sunlight or smudging it with smoke.


When you are ready to use your crystal pendulum, hold it up in one hand and gently stop any movement from the crystal. Meditate on the crystal and ask it to show you, “what is no”. Observe the direction of the crystal and whether it circles clockwise or counterclockwise. Repeat by asking the crystal to show you, “what is yes”. Typically, when the crystal swings back and forth horizontally, this means that the answer is not to be given or unknown at this stage.


You can also use our crystal pendulum for energy healing. Pendulums can pick up on subtle vibrations and help clear the body and align the chakras.

Over a horizontal body, suspend the crystal above each chakra and observe the motion of the crystal. Work slowly with the crystal to align the chakras.

When selecting your crystal pendulum, decide whether you will use it for divination or dowsing practices. Pendulums work best when they don’t serve different purposes. Pendulums are highly effective in removing emotional and physical pain as well as offering great clarity in psychic readings. For best results, keep them separate and cleanse them before and after each use.

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