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How To Use Water To Manifest Using The Law Of Attraction

Manifestation and the amazing POWER of water! As you know, water is one of the most essential natural elements that exist on our planet.

We would literally not exist as humans without it and contemplating this fact can really put into perspective how magical and powerful water is.

Our planet and our bodies are made up of about 70% of water.

A human would survive only 3-4 days without drinking water and our food sources would eventually completely diminish.

Manifestation can be understood as the ability to intentionally direct energy through various methods and then experience this energy in the physical realm.

It is the curating of pure potential into forms and experiences.

Our biological existence has been manifested through the medium of water and so, it is fitting that we learn to more skillfully wield this element that is so integrally a part of us to intentionally manifest the intricate parts of our human experience.

In this article we shall explore just how to do this, starting by gaining a deeper understanding of the energetic nature of water, the importance of intentions and emotions in the process of manifesting and finally learning various powerful techniques using water to manifest whatever you desire.

Water And The Law Of Attraction

The sacred energetic nature of water has been revered and utilized since ancient times.

We know this through a deeper understanding of concepts such as baptisms in holy water or specific natural bodies of water, ancient water temples and the reverence of so many water deities /spirits throughout various cultures and times.

Thanks to modern-day technology there have been some amazing scientific experiments carried out on water.

We have confirmed through science and experience that water is a conductor of energy.

How To Use Water To Manifest Using The Law Of Attraction

Now that you have a better understanding of the energy magic of water, emotions and intentions you can consider working with this element as part of your manifestation practice.

The following are some of the suggested ways you can do this.

As always, be sure to follow your inner guidance when integrating any new practice.

Intentionally Charging Your Drinking Water

A most powerful and simple way of using water to manifest is by charging, structuring or coding your drinking water.

You can infuse your water with clear intent as well as other energetic elements.

You can do this by utilizing the following suggested steps to charge your drinking water for specific manifestations.

Step 1. Choose a special and practical container to hold your drinking water.

It would be best to use a container that is a natural material such as glass, metal or ceramic.

Step 2. Choose a pure source of drinking water.

It is ideal to use spring water or good quality tap water; if you have any feeling that the water is less than clean, boil the water and let it cool down before use.

Step 3. Take a moment with your filled water vessel, take a few deep breaths to ground yourself, you can hold the vessel if you feel called to or hover your hand above the water.

At this stage you can have fun getting creative and choosing between the many methods of imprinting your water with the energy you desire:

  • State an affirmation out loud or write it down and place under or on the water vessel.

  • Visualize and project your desired emotion into the water.

  • You can place a specific crystal into the water or surround the vessel with crystals.

  • You can infuse a specific herb into your water, herbs have an energetic effect on the water structure and added nutrient benefits.

  • You can place your vessel of water in the full moon or sunlight

Step 4. Choose one or a combination of the above and then let your vessel of water rest for a minimum of 10 minutes or however long feels best and then your magical manifestation elixir is ready to drink.

Enjoy with faith and gratitude for the blessing you are receiving.

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