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I Am A Cartomancer

When I was 13 years old I started watching my Grandma with a deck of playing cards. She wasn't playing Solitare or any other card game. She was laying out the cards so to get answers to her questions.

I was fascinated! Before long, Grandma saw that I took more than an interest in this ancient divination tool. She would show me the "proper" way to shuffle, how to ask "yes or no" questions and, what card associations meant, and how to read their positions. It wasn't long before I, too, was reading. But, no one, in my many many years in this industry and in the Paranormal Field, was anyone as skilled as my Grandma.

There was a time she was looking through the Sears Catalog and picked out a man saying, "That's what your next boyfriend will look like". Low and behold, I met him that very week. He was handsome and a Data Processing Salesman in Cleveland, Ohio. That was just one of the many times she told me, and others, exact details.

While being a Cartomancer, (the art of reading playing cards is called, Cartomancy. When you're the Reader, you are the Cartomancer) takes many years of practice, there is the intuitive part that goes along with it. The cards become a "trigger" tool for you to tap into a more deeper realm for information. That includes asking another person's subconscious for information that is needed by the Inquirer.

Over the years, I have traveled, studied, and continued to read the cards for others as guidance and direction needed. There isn't a week that goes by that I'm not amazed at what the cards can tell--down to details.

When you call me, I will ask you to "fill me in" on what your situation is. Not because I can't read but because this helps to tune into your situation in a short period of time.

We lost Grandma in 2013 and I will always be thankful to her for her love, undying sense of humor, and especially her skill as a Reader. It's a skill that you always do your best to fine-tune. I'm certainly not finished yet.

I am Zelda Kelly and I look forward to my call with you. You never know, I may just use Grandma's deck of cards for your reading.

Be brave, be blessed, and be beloved.

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