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Ideas Through Tarot

Enjoy the following (maybe with your favorite coffee!) as abstract ideas to think about, intuit and perhaps discover through…

One Way I Represent Myself to the World:

Knight of Cups/Water – Do you have energy to push through creatively? Or are you rushing to meet expectations? Would you like the world to see you as reliable? This card can be about being available to take up a challenge you feel strongly about and attracted to deeply. This card is also a reminder that when on our best behavior we can sometimes present ourselves as someone too good to be true, too shiny, and that we have to be careful what we promise. Seeking authenticity and looking for a cause to champion, are thoughts here. Something you can passionately get involved in. Just be aware of that too-good, rescuer type of ego drive.

What I Could Take More Notice of:

The Aeon/Judgement, 20 – an awakening. Looking at the big picture, the overall pattern of your situation, to find purpose. Stepping back and re-evaluating. This is a Major Arcana card, and so is a milestone in recognizing that we’re wise enough (and with enough experience) to make a thorough evaluation of life. One way we can find relief from feeling too heavily involved in our emotions, or thoughts, is to look at things as if they were on a map. This way we can analyze whether some details even matter, or if it’s more important to develop what you feel called to do …

Where I Could Draw Strength from:

The Moon, 18 – Your dreams and wishes matter. But they work best behind the scenes. This is a reminder that you can draw strength from your imagination, and its creative energy, but it’s also best to allow time to let half-thoughts emerge into full ideas. Are you trying too hard to have answers right this minute, now? Forcing the timing can lead us into false beliefs, and illusion. The Moon is like an intermission. Asking “how” it works may not give you the right answers. Draw strength from letting things take time to shape and evolve in the undercurrent. Just feel you’ll know.

How I Could Integrate Things into my Life:

Death, 13 – Death is not literal here but rather an acceptance of what can’t be controlled. Acceptance of release of a fruitless situation can bring the closure we crave. What’s ‘over’ in your life that you just know you’re better off without? Integration can come from allowing the inevitable, and moving on. Learning from mistakes and outdated concepts helps integrate new resources that we now have room to use. Levelling up. Resisting the change only works for a while but leaves us unhappy. What if it’s a joyful end to the situation that brings in a fresh start?

What Ideas I Could Reset:

Princess/Page of Swords – The Princess of Swords is a great card to get for resetting. This is about how you make new use of your ideas. About approaching, being curious about things, learning new skills, and listening. How can younger people inspire you? Are you up-to-date or even better, curiously seeking out a new way to do something intellectual? What are you excited about and want to figure out?


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