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Improve Your Sensual Energy

You and Your Sexual Energy

Would you like to improve your sexual energy? Improving your sexual energy will make that special time you spend with your partner that much more intimate. While staying in shape can help improve your performance in the bedroom, increasing your sexual energy goes way beyond that.

5 Ways to Improve Your Sexual Energy

1. Make Time for Intimacy

For those who are in long-term relationships, it’s natural for the occurrence of sex to dwindle over time. That said, if this goes unchecked for too long, the sexual chemistry that was once shared between you could vanish for good. Your sexual energy works much like muscles, you either use it or lose it; you don’t have to make love every day, but finding time to be intimate with your partner is vital if you want to enjoy a consistent sex life.

2. Maintain Your Physical Prowess

While you don’t have to be an athlete/super-fit to enjoy a good sex life, making sure that your body gets what it needs is important. Overindulging with the wrong foods can have negative effects on your body and alter your mood in unforeseeable ways. Getting a good amount of sleep will also ensure that your body is able to successfully regenerate itself over time.

3. Understanding Genuine Desire

Remember, sex is a two-way street which means both you and your partner have to want each. Throughout your relationship, you should do everything you can to ensure that your partner always has a genuine desire for you. The last thing you want is for the sex that takes in your relationship to be reduced to something that’s transactional.

4. Love Yourself

Loving yourself is super-important when it comes to the quality of your sex life. If you’re unable to let yourself go while being intimate with your partner, you won’t be able to unleash your full potential. Most people are very harsh on themselves, something that’s becoming more prevalent in the world of social media as we’re constantly comparing ourselves to other people. If you want your sexual energy to be at it’s best, you must accept and love who you are; the truth is, most of the negative opinions you have of yourself only exists in your mind.

5. The Power of Communication

Encouragement and being communicative in your relationship will foster good vibes, both in and outside of the bedroom. Your partner should be able to come to you about anything and you should be able to do the same. Sex is something that a lot of people don’t like to talk about because they don’t want to be shamed for their desires. However, if you and your partner don’t feel as though you will be judged/ridiculed, you will be able to let your guard down which will undoubtedly raise your sexual energy.

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