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Is My Partner Cheating ?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Signs your partner is cheating on you

People in a relationship would have moments when they just feel or know that something is wrong with their partners. It is always not a good thing to jump into conclusions and accuse one of being a cheater, if you are going to do so then make sure that you observe and watch the actions, words and gestures of your partner well enough before you fire the gun and indict him or her for cheating with another man or woman.

Yes, if you are suspecting already the that means that there has be plenty of changes and differences with your partner’s actions. Here are some of the signs that you can consider whether he or she is seeing someone else while you two are together.

1. His or her physical looks or outward form has improved or enhanced

This could be one of the obvious signs that they are seeing someone else, especially if you start seeing them exercise... a lot and trying to improve his or her physique and looks for that specific person. Signs like buying new styles of clothing, a new scent of perfume and even as simple as having a new haircut or hair color or shaving every now and then.

2. He or she gets secretive with their phone calls, messages and emails

If you notice that your partner spends a lot of time on his or her phone or using the computer or laptop more often than before then he or she could be cheating. This would be his or her method so that he or she could talk to the other person involved. Other signs could be deleting certain text messages, going a few meters away when answering phone calls, gets mad when you touch his or her phone and doesn’t give you his or her password even if you asked for it for a lot of times already.

3. There are moments when you cannot reach him or her

If your partner is cheating, there will be times when he or she won’t answer your messages or pick up your calls if you try to contact him or her. This is probably the time when they are with the other person they’re cheating with. Usually when this happens, they give out excuses such us “there is no phone reception”, “my phone is in silent mode, I didn’t hear it”, “the place is a dead zone” and many more excuses that doesn’t seem to finish.

4. Your partner becomes hostile, aggressive and confrontational

You know what they say, the thinker is the doer. So, in order to cover their tracks and to lessen the speculation of their partners, they tend to be aggressive so they could put the blame to their loyal partners. They concoct petty reasons and excuses, like you’ve physically changed, you grew fat, you grew thin, you weren’t that spontaneous in sex anymore or that you are not very appreciative anymore, in their heads as to why they are cheating with another person and blame it all on the faithful one. This is also probably a gradual and lame way to push their partners away.

5. Change of schedule

Before, your partner goes home at seven in the evening and you still have time to have dinner together and spend time to bond before going to bed. If they are cheating, they find excuses like working late or attending meeting with their boss until eleven in the evening to twelve midnight. They even go as far as lying so they could go out on weekends with the other person. Sometimes these excuses could be true but if it happens too often, you know for sure that they are lying.

6. Your partner’s friends are tense and uneasy when you are around

This could be because they already know what he or she is doing and they know that you do not have an inch of an idea about it. So they act nicer around you or they ignore your presence just so they could avoid being in a conversation with you and dodge your questions if you are already noticing the infidelity.

7. The intimacy is gone

This results to lack of sex and bonding between you and your partner. You notice that he or she is not too sweet with you anymore, unlike before when you guys are younger and the relationship is just starting.

Whatever the reason is, cheating is wrong. If you are not happy, it is best to just leave the person you are with and then find another person to be with and not be with someone while you already have a partner. It is a selfish act and you will end up hurting someone in the process.

How can a psychic help you with your cheating partner?

Psychics are known to be fortune tellers and people who can speak with the spirits and souls of the people who had passed away. So how can they help you with this kind of relationship problem? Psychics have the ability to read into a person’s aura. With this, they are able to gather knowledge and information about you and they can give out fair, accurate and conventional advices that you can use and apply in the dilemmas in your life.

Another point is that, psychics are great advisers and counselors, when they give you the advices and guidance that you need, they tend to stay just, honest and upright. These advices can help you think better and clearer. Unlike the ones that you get from your friends and relatives as their advices tend to be prejudiced and biased, could be towards you or your partner. So it is best to get it from someone who is not directly involved with the two of you.

Lastly, psychics can give you the peace of mind that you need. They can clear your thoughts and worries and change it with more fortunate and more beneficial ideas, conviction and reasoning. They can program you to heal and be happier in no time.

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