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Key to Relationships

Have you ever experienced energy healing? Perhaps you know people who have tried it. Some will say it did nothing, others will say it changed their lives! Either way, it is a subject highly regarded by some and even has books written about it. Others may remain skeptical, but in my experience, it is important to take every point of view with a pinch of salt and yet be open to every possibility! With this in mind, I will share with you some of my experiences with energy healing and chakras, but not as a patient, but as the healer.

After a healing session, what people tend to experience is very similar to one another. It is a sensation of feeling light on your feet and lifted in your physical body. I would like to explain why this is and what it means when we experience this sensation. I also know this feeling and have experienced it many times. As many of you know, I work with the aura and its natural ability to shield us from negativity. Unfortunately, this ‘shielding’ is prone to wear and tear, breaking down when under constant pressures of life and stress. I remember learning this the hard way, when my aura felt like it broke completely! I became very ill and I was very lucky to survive. It was during this time I was introduced to Reiki, which naturally led me to the world of the metaphysical, such as energies like the aura.

As a full-time healer when I do a healing session, I always start with the aura. The aura itself consists of layers, each with its own unique frequency/vibration and represented visually as different colours. I work through these layers during a healing. Some will appear strong and vibrant, whereas others may have become weak and out of sync. Think of the layers of the aura like the strings on a musical instrument. Over time, we all need re-tuning and this is usually due to years of constant negativity. If we ignore this crucial instrument for vitality, eventually it will have an impact on our physical body. It is therefore an important part of our lives, in the pursuit of well being and long-levity. It is also why I focus my healing on this area, bringing harmony and strength to that which shields us from the constant weathering of life.

So does my aura have any impact on my relationships?

The answer to this is a straight forward YES!!! Take a moment and think of a time in your life when you were caught in conversation with someone who you just wanted to get away from. Perhaps it was a colleague at work who you try to avoid or someone in the family who just makes everything feel like hard work! This is because they are draining your auric energy! It is what’s known as a ‘psychic vampire’. As scary as it may sound, it is also something we are all guilty of at some point in lives and possibly when we have needed a shoulder to cry on. For some people, though, this energy sapping ability has become a habitual part of their lives. It is occurring because their aura is out of sync and not circulating energy correctly. When we think inwardly and only talk about ourselves, we are behaving like a ‘psychic vampire’. It is only by changing this habit and replacing it with outward thinking, that people can break this cycle and bring attraction into their lives.

When I have a client who is suffering from relationship issues, I will always recommend a healing. I am then able to focus on the client’s aura and bring back the balance which may have been lost. Sometimes I will send this auric healing to the client’s partner. This is always for the greater good and will help break the negative cycle taking place between the two auric bodies involved. I have had many successes in this practise and for those of you who feel this might be affecting your relationships, you must first focus on your outward thinking to help create your attraction..

..and avoid those ‘psychic vampires’!

For those you who like to discover more on how I can help you, be sure to get in contact and lets get things back in sync.

-Love and Light

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Shaun Barefoot
Nov 16, 2021

Thank you for this information and I'll put it to good use.

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