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Learning About Your Past Life

People don’t always believe in incarnation or reincarnation, and this is a new age idea about living in the past. Some people at a very young age have been able to describe things that they remember when they have not lived that life in the present.

There are many healing practitioners that believe that the soul journey is real and that it will go back to earth life after life to learn new spiritual lessons. Some believe that past life regression therapy is a useful tool that you can use to have a deeper meaning of life.

If you need to know why your life is full of karma, or what karmic debt that you have that needs to be paid back, past regression therapy is one way that you can learn to heal and learn to move forward in life. There are techniques that can be used such as hypnosis and other things that can help you to remember things from your past life.

Regression therapy is not the same as therapy because it is a different approach that is taken. Regression therapy will help you to discover what is the original cause of the problems that you are having and will help you to accept issues that are in your own life.

Regression therapy is one that has began to be more popular and has been both non-traditional and traditional ways that people get counseling. There are therapists that are certified that can help you with this kind of therapy.

Past Life Regression Session

You can get past life regression therapy to understand the old patterns from your past life and how they are affecting how you live in the now. You can find a therapist that specializes in this, and they can use therapeutic massages, hypnosis, psychology, trauma release, imagery and more in order to help you to reach your understanding of who you are and to be healed.

Some therapists will even do therapy with you online such as over Skype so that they can guide you if you cannot get into a clinic to see them.

When it starts, the therapist will often tell you to relax and to take deep breaths. They will help you to dive into a deep relaxation session with a hypnotic state.

They will help you to find a place to begin your journey such as a forest, a beach or even a house. This will help you to focus on the session and to clear your mind. This is where your journey to your past life will begin.

The therapist might ask your guides to come to protect you as you move through the journey, and they will lead you to the place where you need to go.

Sometimes the therapist will ask you question such as what your hands or feet look like or will ask you to describe your surroundings. They will try to find out what your feelings and emotions are during this journey. They will ask you to find key lessons that will help you to work though things that you are going through.

Once you leave the session, you will see that you feel better and stronger. You will see that the information that you have processed might take a while to work though but it will leave you feeling better and more humbled.


Rather you believe in the past life or not, you need to understand that people have different mindsets and personalities all over the world. They have things in their current lifetime that they don’t understand, and they realize that there is a purpose to their life.

Sometimes past life regression can help to get rid of fears such as fear of death or fear of other things that were never understood. Many people that get this therapy can get over losses that they have experienced and can learn to connect across the lifetimes.


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