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Light Your Candles With Intentions

Sometimes we can do energy spells for ourselves, because sometimes things just need a little push. We live in a sea of living energy that is in constant motion. The candle is our “potential” energy source. Our spirit is our psychic source. When we combine the energy potential with the psychic energy of our spirit, we create a force that will influence the universe around us. Remember you have a great responsibility to yourself and to others to use your knowledge in a constructive and healing way. Don’t try to bend the will of others and remember Karma. Keep your intent clear.

Candle magic will not solve your problems overnight but it is a powerful tool. It can also help you to realize that events can be altered and influenced by your own will. We are not helpless bystanders. The candle is used to focus the mind and focus your intent, energy and desire on that thing – whether it be a relationship (with an unnamed person), a new job, a change of living situation – whatever. We are very clear when we say that we should not name the person when you are doing a candle burning for a relationship with a someone when you are not already in a relationship with that person – that is trying to bend the will of another.

I use simple glass jar candles that last for about 7 days in various colors for intent. I place these on a cookie sheet or such (even outside) in case of cracking and let burn. Do not use broken candles (broken dreams) dirty candles or things that have been used for something else. And above all keep it simple.

-Be Blessed & Have Fun

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