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Losing Grip On Life

We do not know what today or tomorrow holds for us. We are always unsure and that is life. We can only try our best to live with what we are handed each day. We must adapt, we must make decisions every day without knowing it all. We are never secure that things will work out how we envisioned. We can only decide for ourselves; we cannot make decisions for others. We must accept how others feel are not always the same as what we want them to feel.

What are we going to do, how do you make decisions when your life is entwined with others? You cannot decide alone, you can’t do it by yourself? You must realize that even though it feels that others are controlling your life, in the end there is a higher power in control.

The more we want to control the more we contract, there is no flow or connection in contractions, everything becomes static. The moment we let go, things flow. We want flow in life, we do not want contractions, that are painful.

When we want to control, we actually have fear and allow fear to run our lives. The fear that if we can’t control the situation it will be uncontrollable and out of hand. It means we want to steer it in a certain direction, even if we don’t really see the whole picture to know if what we do are the best for us. So how do we get rid of the fear, but also not just become whatever will be will be? This is where faith steps in. I believe that we do all we can do, but then lean back and trust, having faith that things will move in the right direction, either closing or opening.

We must be able to see our fear, so we can overcome and move pass this fear, because it holds us back not moving into something greater. We need to know that fear makes one freeze, fight or take flight. And not one of those reactions are the one needed to be able to move forward in our life. When we want to control our lives and the outcomes we might freeze, go into a standstill and not know where to or how. Many times, when we want things our way, the way we want things to work out, we will fight to get it our way. Walk over people, family or friends because we feel if it is not our way we are losing. Other times when we feel like we are losing control in a certain situation we will want to flee, run away, just get out of here, because we do not know what to do or how to do it.

We all want to think that we are in control, but we are not in control. We are using all our life’s energy to steer things into certain directions, pressure ourselves or others and then suddenly it just explodes or takes a different direction. We are not supposed to control our life. We are supposed to give over, trust, have faith in something or someone greater than us. We are all seeking for truth, whatever form this might be. Because of lack of knowing, lack of seeing, we tried to hold on dearly to controlling it. We feel that if we can control it, we can be sure it will work out. We feel we can direct it; we feel that we have ownership of it, we have total control. We feel that we can secure the unknown. We do not like the unknown. The unknown is labeled with uncertainty, labeled with change. We do not like that. Unfortunately, that is the ego’s way of handling life. I am in control, I can do this, I am the one. Moving into life we start realizing that we are not in control; and will never be, so we slowly but surely release our fears trusting in the spiritual rather than the ego.

Strangely, some stress starts to fade, some worries are gone, some fears are not there. Slowly but surely, we start to trust more, lean more onto a greater power than just the me, and we give over, because we know we cannot control all life and circumstances. We get more peace, we receive more opportunities, we are relaxed, and we enjoy every moment so much more. Instead of living in the future, by trying to control our life, we move into the present by living a fuller life in the now. Mindfulness enters and doubt leaves.

Today, I want to encourage you to just let go of one small thing in your life, that you are desperately holding on to control, whether it is in a relationship, or at work, or something regarding a friend or family member. Just one small thing, write it down, explain what you want, why you want it, why you think your way is best. Write down your fears, what will happen when it does not go according to your plan? What will you lose? What will you feel? Go deep, because usually when we start to be honest like this, we start to see the whole picture in a different way, and we make space for more to flow to us. Then offer it up, let go of what you think and how you think it must happen or evolve into. And then sit back, decide how long you can leave this, and then see what happens. You will feel the release immediately, just stay with it, when you worry or think about it, grab your paper and read again why you are having fear about this. Trust and let go!

Love and Light,

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