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Love and Relationships Facts

Love myths have us thinking everything in our lives will be one hundred percent perfect once we find our one true love, and that nothing else in life matters but a romance. However, there are other kinds of love besides romance, and sometimes we have to choose between family and a lover or decide if a lover is being too demanding. What is love like in difficult times and do we need a lover to heal from heartbreak? How do we attract love, how do you know if you really love a woman or man? Do we have to love absolutely EVERYTHING about the people we love, and where can you find the best love advice? Join PsychicsSecrets as we learn about these love topics and more.

How to Know if It’s True Love

When we first meet someone new, and find ourselves falling head over heels for them, it can be the greatest time of our lives, but slowly, over time, things about them start to drive you mad and you regret the day you met them. Do you really love a woman you are smitten with or do like her, and feel attracted to her beauty, but literally cannot stand her as a person? How do you know if it’s true love or just temporarily enjoying somebody? A few clues are that you cannot imagine life without them, you love sharing life with them, you put up with some annoyances, and you love to love them.

You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

Do you love a woman for the long haul? One way to know you do is if you are planning a future together and don’t ever want to be without this person. If a man loves a woman for life, he will want her with him no matter what, and once you find somebody you feel that way about, you can consider yourself lucky, because it’s true love!

You Tolerate Certain Things

You don’t have to tell them “I love EVERYTHING about you!” to truly be in love but being able to tolerate the things about them you wish would change is a sure sign you do love them. When it comes to your boyfriend, if you love him, you will put up with the fact he annoys you when he talks while you are watching TV whereas if you didn’t love him, you might not bother with him at all. We all have bad habits, things about ourselves we could improve, and we all have something ugly called b-a-g-g-a-g-e! You will find yourself saying “If you love him like I do, none of that will matter!” when it’s true love.

You Share Life with Them and Enjoy It

Let’s face it, people can be a pain in the rear end sometimes. We are messy, we break things, we take up valuable time that could be spent on other things, we cost money, and we are annoying sometimes. When you love somebody, you enjoy your life with them. When you love that woman of yours, making her a priority for your time is the number one thing on your mind, and you will catch yourself planning time together when you happen to be apart.

You Love to Love Him

People say love hurts, but true love actually doesn’t. It may hurt to be apart, and it may hurt to find out things are over, but love itself feels good, and you love being in love. Love isn’t all there is, but not having anybody to love can make some people feel lonesome. The love of friends, family, and romantic partners can make some people have the strength to keep going when life feels unbearable and the people who we love give us good times to look forward to no matter what else is going wrong. Love positive feelings will be on the forefront of your mind when you are in a good love relationship and it’s one sign you truly are in love! You will love to love them!

Love Comes in All Forms

Some people think love is only for the people we are sexually intimate with and they have no love in their lives if they are single, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Imagine what a world it would be if nobody could say “I love my dad and mom!” For the love of a woman who is your greatest friend to be yours is a fortunate thing indeed and sometimes it is our friends and their love that makes everything good in our hearts. Your friends and family will tell you “I love too” and “I love the woman who is my mother” is one of the strongest forms of love you will ever experience. The point is, even if you go through an extended period of time being single when you don’t want to be, your life can still be filled with enough love to light up your world.

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