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Love And Your Sign

Astrology is a wonderful tool for getting to know our innermost selves and no less so when we can get to know our whole astrology chart including our Sun Signs, the rulers of our houses and the aspects, you can have your chart printed up online on many astrology sites, but to really understand your chart you will need to have it looked at by a professional astrologer who can explain to you the intricacies of what your full chart means and it is well worth the pursuit of to know yourself much better and to understand your relationships much better.

The Sun sign itself however, can be a great guide to the type of love you really want and are looking for. I have used astrology in my readings for many years and my clients are amazed at how the Sun Sign fits them. If you are born on the cusp of your Sign; eg, Leo to Virgo or any of the other combinations, look at both Sun Signs to decide how they suit you and whether you have the characteristics of both signs in your energy.

Aries- You want a mate who understands the intense way you live their life and who is not afraid to meet the challenges with you. Ruled by Mars both Arian women and men are dynamic and passionate lovers and partners. For you a partner is someone you want to know very well, so he or she better like communication! You get on best with a mate who can stay calm at your side benefiting from your energy and positive attitude. You also as an Aries have a soft side to you which you only show to those who you let into your close circle. Your mate will benefit from your capacity to never give up believing in him or her but you can be impatient if you feel that you are not being listened to or given your fair due. You are one of the signs who demands a really loyal partner and that is to you highly important. For you it is best if the courtship is not too long and the boundaries are made clear at the start. The partner who is not for you is too rigid or lacking in confidence and self esteem. Mates who are overly possessive may well be wasting their time too, although you are always there when your loved one needs you, you need some degree of independence.

Taurus- You are a sensual sign who needs constant physical demonstrations of love, Taurus. Your ruling planet is Venus and you are very conscious of how to make a beautiful and comfortable abode for your mate. Both male and female Taureans can be drawn to mates who have a somewhat mysterious or private side to them which keeps you guessing to some extent, although that may not be how you work in the love game yourself, preferring to be direct in your approach. Taurus needs security in love relationships as you are both loyal and patient. There is almost always a protective side in your nature and you do not hesitate to look to providing as much materially as you can for your mate although you do not like either to be taken advantage of. It helps if your mate shares practical interests with you in property or finances and you love discussing family matters and looking out for all your close connections. A mate who has defined aims and is reasonably ambitious suits you best and he or she needs to be a mature person, you get bored with those who are emotionally immature. When you find the right person, nothing is too good for them.

Gemini- You look for above all a mate you can really communicate with Geminis and the right person needs to share your many and varied interests too. Geminis love all the romance in partnership but they are often too busy to attend to all the detail so you love it when your mate makes special efforts to keep the magic alive. A loving partner who wants to be your companion in adventure appeals to your ideals and needs. Often Geminis find they are very compatible with mates who favor the arts or who enjoy any area of intellectual pursuits and you will find that usually your ideal partner is one who can laugh at life as well as be a rock for you when you need one. In return you offer amazing emotional support. Your sign is mercurial and you need variety and change so the right type of mate for you is willing to experiment and find the right balance between career and private life. You should avoid choosing a mate who very narrow minded in his or her ways or cannot keep up with your energy levels as you will grow bored. You usually find several compatible life partners during your life and may even love more than one person at a time.

Cancer- Your Sign is ruled by the Moon Cancer and you need a mate who understands your sensitive side well as well as one who loves their home and family as you do! Reliability in a mate counts a lot with you as does a capacity to work with you in creating a desirable family home. Cancerians usually achieve strive to have a permanent relationship as this is one thing that is very necessary to your wellbeing and you will often attract a mate who has home skills or can build or renovate with you. When young you may look for partners that are needing your caring skills but as you mature you are more likely to look for a partner who is your equal and can share or swap family roles with you. Cancerians usually marry at least once sometimes twice and their sign is more likely than others to settle with a distant relative or someone who is a long term friend. Your mate needs to want a family with you and having your children completes your relationship in most cases. You will find your relationships are more harmonious if you remain empathetic but firm with the person you love.

Leo- Leos adore partnership and love to be with a mate who makes him or her proud. Although you can be very ambitious about getting the best results in love and life Leos, you are also a person who deeply needs someone to share your life with. You look for a supportive partner and enjoy being the one who pursues as well as the one pursued depending on the situation! Leos are ruled by the Sun so love to you has got to be an experience that is worthy of your attention and intensity, and only a mate who is in some way unique or special in some way may apply! In your younger years, you may find that you fall in love with people who are glamorous but lack depth or play down your needs, but as you mature you are likely to find a person you can be completely in tune with as long as she or he understands that you are far more sensitive than you may appear to be. You are likely to find your soul partner in life when you realise that you cannot compromise in certain requirements like loyalty and understanding. You too usually learn to be a better and more patient partner as you mature. Partners who are in some way artistic or creative fit the bill. Some Leos marry very well and enjoy spending time traveling with their special someone.

Virgo – Virgos are very loving mates and partners. The lover who is right for you is someone who gets you to see life in the broader picture and as much as Geminis you need to feel you can communicate with your partner in an intellectual way too so he or she better keep up with the latest news. Although Virgos are known for being very discriminating in love, yours is also a very passionate sign so your partner needs to be someone who also appeals to you both physically and mentally. Ruled by Mercury, you are a chatty partner who worries at times but you are reassured by a steady and dependable mate. When you initially start to date a new love interest, you may find that you are sometimes a little shy so a partner who is secure and confident in him or herself could be just the one you need.

Virgos tend to prefer to stay single than be with the wrong partner as home harmony is very important to them. Fortunately, they usually find the right person in life by being both selective and having a wide social circle.

Libra – You are ruled by Venus Librans and this makes you one of the zodiac’s most romantic lovers with a fine sense of discrimination. You look for a truly harmonious love relationship, however make sure you truly get to know the person you consider a potential mate. For your sign the joy of partnership brings fulfillment to your life in a way that you truly appreciate but you can also enjoy single life if you have loving friends too and you will only settle for the best in either love or friendship.

You are likely to know your mate from either living close by to them or getting to know him or her from a very closely held interest in common. As a Libra, you are not attracted to rude or inconsiderate people and can find living with such a person affects your equilibrium. For you sharing birthdays and special occasions is just as important as everyday sharing on finances, future plans and practical matters. A mate to you is a mate in the full meaning of the word. You have been gifted with great charm and a refined manner which naturally wins you many friends as well as potential loves. You are often fortunate enough to have your choice of partners and quite often meet at a special event or through a mutual friend.

Scorpio- Yours is a sign that is often misunderstood dear Scorpions, so on your behalf may I set the record straight, many of you are wonderful and intense partners and lovers with a great deal of loyalty. Ruled by Mars and Pluto however, it is important for you to balance your passions with reality and make sure that you do not become attached or attracted to the wrong lover from whom you find yourself entangled for too long. Although one reads of Scorpio’s famous stings, the real astrological situation is that many Scorpios if they are on the more evolved or emotionally mature level will sacrifice a lot for their loved ones and never want to hurt them unnecessarily. That said, it maybe true that more than most signs you do not want to know for sure that your lover will be true to you so any potential mate you have must understand your need to know them very well. Watch a tendency to be possessive or trying to control outcomes in your relationships although a number of you have already learnt that you need to give your partner room to grow. You will meet several potential loves in life. Many Scorpios love to create a private haven with the one they love. Scorpios can meet a partner who is materially comfortable, well-off or has the means to achieve these aims.

Sagittarius –You are a sign who enjoys your freedom Sagittarius so that it maybe quite while before you settle down as you do not want to be tied down when young. Your sign has a strong need for freedom of movement, so you may seek different experiences in life with different partners and some of your friends can or could eventually become partners or one in particular maybe the one you choose to settle with in the end. Your interests in life could indicate where you will meet your partner, as some of you love to travel or see places that are off the beaten track. Other Saggies may meet their partner or significant other pursuing education or at a class you take to advance yourself in. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by the mighty Jupiter so you are a particularly generous lover who can be surprisingly idealistic as well. One wonderful thing about you is that any luck you experience in life you believe should be shared with your partner and that makes for a lucky mate indeed as your ruling planet protects you and gives you upswings in destiny just when you need it on many occasions. Sagittarians often have a great interest in the stars and other metaphysical pursuits so a mate who shares this with you could be a long lasting lucky charm for you too! You will find love so do not worry if you do not seem to settle down as early as your friends do. When you are open to the universe finding you the person who you need to enjoy life with, it is likely you will connect in a way that you find magical with your partner who is star right for you!

Capricorn-You are one of the zodiac’s most ambitious signs Capricorn but when you bring your sturdy and earnest nature to the love area, you often find that you are appreciated for your down to earth style! Your ruling planet is Saturn so you have had to learn self discipline and self reliance early. This serious start to life can mean that Capricorn takes a while to find the right match but you know what you want and what you are looking for in life and will make every effort to find the person that feels right for you and involve them in your climb upwards in the field or area of life that appeals to you. Although when you are younger you seem to be attracted to people who need your protection or encouragement as you mature you find that you are drawn to those who share practical interests like financial planning or interests in property two areas that Goats like you are usually very good at. Do not settle for second best but find the love that is patient and enduring. You may meet your partner in an unusual way or in a way that seems predestined. You could also meet a suitable companion who works in property, accounting or business.

Aquarius –You are one of the zodiac’s most original lovers Aquarius so you look for a mate who can handle your innovation and your often brilliant ways. As a friend you are often proud and at the same time a good friend to those who appeal to you but you can confuse an intimate partner when you appear to put your interest in friends or groups at the same level as them so it is a good idea to make special time with them regularly. A client of mine once had an Aquarian companion who was a delightful partner but whose interests in groups and other friends sometimes meant she had to make an appointment to see him at times. She explained how he was truly totally innocent as to how this seemed as he loved his circle so much and that is the Aquarian way, friends count with you so much .Fortunately his friends became hers so they sorted it out in the end! You are as unique as a Uranian ruled person can be and you do provide some fascinating interludes with the lover of your choice which gives you a wide field to choose from. Clearly you have many admirers in your wide social circle, even though the right mate for you will be one of a kind in the end, just as you are! A mate who is nurturing and calming fits the bill well with you .

Pisces- As a Neptunian ruled star individual you have a love for loving that is hard to beat dear Pisceans! Dreamy and idealistic you can be, but there is a practical side to you in love that really seeks as well a pragmatic union where you can both work towards a beautiful home and a family if both of you want that as well. Yours is a sign that attracts many lovers to your side indeed and you can be the belle or beau of the night or just the most sought after companion but underneath your gentle charm is a person who is also determined to win in the love stakes as well. When you set your mind to the chase you can be hard to beat as your lover will experience your emotional power and depth in a way that will definitely make an impression. You are too sensitive a sign for unrequited love though and you cannot tolerate a mate who is insensitive or who does not value your passion. Usually you find that the ideal or close to ideal mate for you is a stronger or more mature lover either in age or just in life experience. Always seek the best in love and life Pisces and never forget your capacity to love make you stronger not weaker as you grow in wisdom.

Love and Light,


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