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Love Compatibility : Capricorn + Leo

Taking the lead is a natural space for both the Capricorn and the Leo. They will be attracted to each other's ambition and spending habits, but it will be a constant battle of the wills to determine who is in charge of who. Letting go of Ego will be the lesson gained from this experience.

Dating for them will be thrilling and filled with luxury and pleasure. They will dine at fine restaurants and indulge in entertainment. They may even take an expensive vacation or two in the early stages of the relationship. Financial issues may occur as a result.

Modality Compatibility

With the Capricorn creating energy and the Leo resisting it, their manner in which they approach surprises in life will be a constant space of conflict. They will need to learn to navigate the push and pull resistance between them and learn to honor each other's choices and desires. Airing out their issues by the fireplace or fire pit will help transmute any grievances and lighten the moment.

Element Compatibility ​

They will not always see eye to eye immediately, but the pragmatic attitude of a Capricorn blended with the optimism of a Leo will help them to navigate life a bit more fluidly. There will be a learning curve to understanding each other's wills and ways. Coming up with a game plan on how to handle conflict may help keep the romance warm-hearted and open.

Energetic Strengths ​

When this couple can land on the same page, they are virtually unstable, however seeing life through the same lens is often a challenge. They will connect through their mutual passion, even if they are not always passionate about the same things. As they continue to build their relationship, respect will grow as they formulate healthy boundaries and adoration for one another.

Energetic Challenges​

When disagreements arise between a Capricorn and a Leo, it is anyone's guess who will apologize first. The unforgiving nature of a Capricorn and the stubbornness of a Leo make wounds hard to overcome. These two will each need to do their personal best in order to experience spiritual and emotional growth. Releasing their own negativity towards one another will help them raise their soul level and help them to love unconditionally.

How to Create Astrological Balance ​

This can be a couple that organizes well and accomplishes much throughout their journey together. They will struggle to emotionally and physically connect, simply because Leo is a much more adventurous spirit. They will tend to push each other's buttons and then not always know how to resolve those moments of conflict. These two may not last in the long term, but their experiences together can help them become better people, if they are willing and open to it.

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