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Lucky Zodiac Signs

Sometimes it just feels like everyone else has all the luck. Why is this the case? Taking a deeper look at your natal chart might help you pinpoint if you are prone to lucky situations and in what areas.

When it comes to “luck” and the zodiac, you will want to take a look at your Jupiter placement. This planet embodies luck, expansion, education, and growth. It can be a clear indicator of someone’s fortune and how they might inherit it. Someone with a Jupiter in Gemini may find luck when socializing, while someone with a Jupiter in Capricorn may have a lucky business streak.

In addition to your Jupiter sign, there are three zodiac signs that seem to come out on top overall. Here are the top three-star signs we think have a tendency toward things going in their favor.

1. Sagittarius

By far the luckiest sign in the zodiac, Sagittarius just seems to always be on a winning streak. Perhaps attributed to their carefree nature and positive mindset even when faced with adversity, Sagittarius has manifestation skills that are unparalleled to other signs.

They are wanderers of the world and great adventurers at heart. Despite all the moving around, Sagittarians just seem to have a great knack for arriving just in the nick of time – they tend to never miss their flights or appear on the platform just when the next train is about to depart. It’s almost as if they have inner compass that guides them through life, telling them when to wait and when to pull the trigger.

They are also never shy of a friend, no matter where in the world they go. The confident, easy-going Sagittarian personality is a magnet for people and others gravitate toward them to bask in their positivity. Sagittarius has an ability to make others feel comfortable in their own skin so you can guarantee they will attract a buddy even when riding solo. Few can resist the charismatic personality of a Sag.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign. They go with the flow of things, but their fiery nature means they also have a lot of passion and determination to work for what they want.

While it may seem that things magically appear for Sag, this is not the case. Sagittarius works hard for their good fortune. They’re so passionate that when they desire something, they exert unstoppable energy that forces it to manifest.

2. Pisces

Coming in second place is Pisces. This is because they are ruled by the auspicious planet of Jupiter, according to ancient astrologers. Jupiter is concerned with luck, expansion, and growth. The strong Jupiter influence makes Pisces just effortlessly lucky. Unlike, Sagittarius, Pisces does not have to work so hard to manifest opportunities at their fingertips. They rely on their intuition.

Pisces knows. They can sense what is coming to them and have an ability to avoid danger when they put their emotions aside. They can ride from one wave to the next effortlessly coasting on success. Keep a Pisces by your side when you visit Las Vegas. They will tell you what to bet on and lead you to good fortune.

3. Cancer

Don’t underestimate the manifestation skills of a Cancer. This water sign is extremely lucky. Once they have mastered their emotions and are able to separate their feelings from their intuition, Cancerians are unstoppable. They are incredibly intuitive and will follow their hunches, which will lead them to be in the right place at the right time.

Because they can read others so well, they are always one step ahead. This means they are able to dodge pitfalls and direct themselves down fruitful paths. They have a strong emotional body that they are deeply connected to. This house their manifestations and once the emotion has been let go, boom! Their manifestations rain down on them ten-fold. Keep a Cancer close by your side. Their ability to turn their thoughts into reality may rub off on you.

While all star signs have an element of luck, these three seem to have an edge. Check your Jupiter placement to learn more about your good luck and in what aspects of life you may be fortunate.

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