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Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Is it possible to manifest your desires yet also be in spiritual alignment? The introverts I serve desire material success only if they can also be in spiritual alignment. They believe in the power of manifesting, but they’re uncomfortable with the idea of using “wizard” powers to bring about the conditions they desire.

There is a way spiritually centered people can use the universal principles of manifestation while staying in divine alignment.

First of all, recognize that the desires of your heart are God-given and are what you are meant to manifest in order to do what you came here to do and to be what you are meant to be. This is very different from the material desires of an outer-world oriented person. (If your desire does come in the form of wanting a material item or money, go deeper and ask what it means to you. Identify the underlying value. That’s your real desire.)

Introverts, with our capacity for deep, meaningful contemplation, are well suited for exploring the innate desires of the heart. These are the desires that are in perfect accord with your core values: they make your whole being say “YES!” and you feel tremendous upliftment and enthusiasm.

Five steps to manifest what your heart truly desires while staying in spiritual alignment:

1. Get in touch with what motivates you and gives you a satisfying sense of purpose.

Ask yourself, “What am I here to do?” “What makes my heart sing?” Your life’s purpose will not be a “should” that depresses you. It will be something that you’re well-suited to do and will make your heart sing.

2. Ask God/the Divine for it, adding, “This or something better.”

We don’t know what’s really best for us, so we don’t want to rely on our limited view. We leave the final decision to God by saying “This or something better.”

Here’s an analogy I like for understanding our relationship to God when it comes to asking for things: We are like a wealthy woman who runs a busy household. She has a chef to provide meals for her many guests, and she meets with him every Monday morning. She gives him a menu of desired meals for the coming week. But she knows that he’s the expert, and that when he goes to market he might discover that a food item she requested isn’t available or isn’t of the best quality that week. Accordingly, he fulfills her request by supplying “something better.”

3. Trust God and do your part by acting on your inner promptings.

Your requested desire may well manifest in an unexpected way. Or it may involve in-between steps that you might not at first recognize as being part of the process. You want to be a vigilant witness to the process and take action when prompted.

Taking action involves taking into account your introverted nature and your comfort zone needs. If your nature is primarily “yin,” you don’t want to fake being “yang” and inauthentically push to make it happen. You’ll want to strategize ways of moving forward that feel right to you. These ways may well require you to dance on the rim of your comfort zone. Your spirit’s enthusiasm will help you act on the inner promptings.

4. Keep your spirits up by giving thanks for everything that happens.

This step can be a challenge. What if the manifestation of the God-given desires of your heart involve going through a painful experience? Having a sense of gratitude for everything that happens will help you get through it. This brings us to the last step.

5. Deal with Resistance.

Here’s the rub, as they say. This is the aspect of the manifestation process that causes many to give up. When you get in touch with your heart’s desire and make your request to God, everything that isn’t in accord with that outcome will come up to be dealt with. This could take the form of suddenly becoming conscious of fearful beliefs that have been holding you back from having or being what you desire. When it feels like it’s “up around your ears” and you feel like you’re drowning in this emotion or complex, know that it’s on its way out! Step up your journaling to process it, or get some professional help. Don’t let the issue cause you to choose to give up your heart’s desire.

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