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Manifesting For Beginners

New to Manifestation and Law of Attraction? Then this post and video are for you! When you’re first getting started with manifesting, it can be super confusing. There’s so much information. How do you get started on the right foot? In this post and video, I’m sharing 5 manifestation tips for success. These are awesome Law of Attraction Tips for Beginners!

5 Manifestation Tips for Beginners

You can manifest ANYTHING with the Law of Attraction. But so many people struggle with it. Since you’re just getting started, I really want to help you get started in the direction for success!

After using Law of Attraction for many years and seeing first hand what works and doesn’t, I’ve thought through 5 tips I wish I’d had when I was first trying out deliberately co-creating my dream life with Law of Attraction.

So, here are my top 5 tips if you’re new to manifestation…

#1 We Are Always Manifesting

A common misconception I hear all the time is that people think they can decide when to use Law of Attraction or not.

Law of Attraction is like gravity. It’s always in play. Just like you don’t get to decide when dropping an apple will hit the floor or not, you don’t get to decide when putting out a certain vibe will attract a certain outcome.

This is why it’s SO important to do self-work on your mindset. Your thoughts become feelings, which become your vibe. And your vibe is what attracts things to your life.

#2 Better Vibe -> Better Manifestations

Now that you know we’re always manifesting, you can see why our vibe is SO important.

Have you noticed when you’re feeling low vibe – sad, frustrated, angry – things seem to get worse. It’s like that saying, “when it rains, it pours.” If you’re not mindful of your thoughts/feelings/vibe, you can easily spiral into negativity. Or at least that’s my experience.

But you can CHOOSE different thoughts and feelings -> good ones! I’ve seen firsthand that by choosing to be more positive, you attract better outcomes. It’s Law of Attraction in play.

So, pay attention to how you’re feeling and how things turn out – Abraham Hicks teaches us that this is an easy way to tell your vibe. And if it’s lower than you want or you’re not getting the outcomes you’d like, do things to raise your vibe. Trust me, you’ll thank me later when you start attracting great things left and right…and without even trying!

#3 Focus on What You DO Want (Not What You Don’t)

One thing I see again and again when people are new to manifestation is that they’re so naturally focused on what they do NOT want. We go through life thinking about all the things we don’t want to have/experience/do.

Have you ever said any of these lines?

  • I don’t want to stay single forever

  • I don’t want to fail my exam/drivers license test/application

  • I don’t want to live with my parents until I’m 40

The thing is…what you focus on becomes your outcome. When you focus on what you do NOT want, you can accidentally attract that thing to your life.

Some say that the Universe doesn’t understand “I do” and “I do not”, so if you say, “I don’t want to stay single forever”, the Universe hears “stay single forever?” and replies with “you got it!”

So start thinking in positive terms and focus on what you DO want. If we re-write the above statements, the positive manifestation versions would be:

  • I DO want to be in a loving and committed relationship

  • I DO want to pass my exam/drivers license test/application with flying colors

  • I DO want to live independently in my own beautiful apartment/home/condo

Remember to focus on what you ultimately would like.

Side note: focusing on “wanting” can be a manifestation block (see masterclass link below), which I cover in other posts. However, if you’re brand new to manifestation and only thinking in the negative and what you don’t want, you’ll want to take care of this first. Think of this as a stepping stone to ultimate manifestation powers.

#4 Feelings > Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, thoughts become feelings, which become your vibe. And your vibe is what attracts certain results/outcomes via Law of Attraction.

Thoughts are certainly powerful, but not as powerful as feelings.

Here’s an example: you’re walking down the street and see the kid who teased you in middle school. You’re not exactly thrilled to see them, but you’re a polite person, so when you meet up, you say “It’s so good to see you!” But inside, you feel…bad? Uncomfortable? With a flood of flashbacks swirling through your mind of how this kid terrorized you. Your thoughts are “good.” Your feelings…not so much.

So when you’re trying to manifest something, it’s super important to go beyond thinking about your dream outcome and really feeling it. That’s what it means to “get into the energy” of the thing you want. Strongly feeling the positive feelings of having your manifestation will more powerfully bring that thing to your life.

#5 You Can’t Force a Manifestation

This is going a bit into manifestation mistakes (which I’m covering in a separate video/post), but I feel like this one is super important for beginners to know. So I’m including it here.

In life, most of the things we’ve achieved have come from hard work and effort. You can’t sit back, not study, not pay attention in class, not read your school book, and get an A+ on your biology test. I mean, maybe someone out there can, but most likely the results would not be favorable.

With Law of Attraction, things are a little different. You can’t put more effort into manifestation techniques and get your desired outcome faster. Actually, most of the time, overdoing manifestation techniques creates resistance and pushes your manifestation further away.

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