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Manifesting Love in Three Parts

The Search for Love

Finding love is frustrating. We search and search, looking here and there, and double-checking places we’ve already checked three or four times. It can be comforting to return to our regular stomping grounds and stick with our normal habits but getting grounded in your intentions is the key to manifesting love.

Manifesting Love in Three Parts

There are three parts to manifesting love: thought, word, and deed. Thinking about what you desire is obviously the first part. Imagine the loving relationship you want and visualize your soulmate so that you are clearly communicating with Spirit. Word means saying it out loud and declaring your desires to the Universe. Deed is doing something about it, which in this case, means taking action. An excellent way to perform all three tasks with one action is to write down a description of your perfect partner or relationship. It is quick and a very effective way to help love find you!

Part 1- Create a List

Start by creating a list of the traits you want your ideal mate to have. Think only in adjectives, (strong, independent, elegant, etc.), and brainstorm or write them down in a neat list—whatever method best suits you and your hopes. It’s okay to shoot for the moon and write down exactly what you want. Describe what you intend to attract and don’t waste time being humble. If money is important to you, ask for someone who has it. You should also consider their personality, family relationships, where they live, and if they have children from a previous relationship. The Universe needs details, so provide as many as you can. If you are having a hard time coming up with something, just think about what you don’t want in a partner and write down the opposite of that.

Something else to consider when making this list is how this future partner is going to make you feel when you finally meet them. The physical aspects and personal details are important, but they pale in comparison to the feelings you are going to experience when you spend time with your partner. If you long for security in this relationship, write it down. Or, if what you want most is that warm, fuzzy, contented feeling that true love provides, write it down, big and bold so that the Universe can easily get the details.

Part 2 – Read Your List Out Loud

When you feel like you’ve written down as much as you can (you can always add to it later), read your list out loud. This is the most crucial part of the manifestation process because the Universe needs to hear you say it. So, say it, sing it, yell it—whatever you need to do to know in your heart that the Universe has heard your desires.

When you read your list of desires in a partner out loud, you will be drawn to people who remind you of that list when you go out rather than to the people you have been drawn to in the past.

Part 3 – Take Action

When you’re finished, roll up your list like you would a scroll and tie a pink ribbon, thread, or string around it. Pink is the color of love. Then go into your bedroom and place your list in the right-hand corner, farthest from the bedroom door.

Use Colors to Draw in Love

Wearing colors like pink or red will send out a signal to the Universe that you’re ready for your soulmate to arrive. In feng shui, pink and red are the colors of love, so surrounding yourself with either or both colors will help to align your inner and outer life with your desires.

Any shade will suffice, and it doesn’t have to show. You could wear pink or red clothes, jewelry, lingerie, or pajamas. Wearing pink or red sends subtle waves of receptivity out into the world through your aura and will help you find the keys to true love. If you are honest with the Universe, it will give you exactly what you want in love; however, if wearing pink or red is not your style, you could decorate your home with pink and flowers and other décor, such as pillows, blankets, and wall hangings. You can also carry a love crystal such as rose quartz crystal or ruby in your purse or pocket or keep one near your bed to encourage love to find you.

Trust the Universe

The search for love can be disappointing, and it’s easy to get discouraged after multiple dead ends. But there is more than enough love in the world for everyone; you just have to be open to it. Trust that the Universe has your back when you start manifesting the love that you desire, it won’t let you down.

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