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Manifesting More Money

Want to manifest money and learn how to do it? If you are dealing with a lack of money or some financial challenge, the following tips and tricks could be very helpful. We will show you what you need to do to attract and manifest money into your everyday life. No matter if you are employed or without a job, here, you will get an explanation of 16 techniques for manifesting more money.

What does manifesting money mean? When we say “manifesting money” we are referring to the possibility to get more money in your life. Manifesting money depends only on you. And this may sound both great and terrible. It is great because you have the power to “create” money, and it may sound bad to the ones who are afraid of this fact: the fact that you are the one who is responsible for your financial situation. You see, the Law of Attraction says that every single thing that appears in your life is created with the help of your thoughts, your focus, your deep beliefs, your emotions, and in the end, your vibration.

When we talk about manifesting money, here’s the thing. When you have positive thoughts about money when you have strong deep beliefs that “money is easy to earn,” that “there is enough money for everybody” when you feel positive emotions when you think about money, that all means that you have a high vibration when it comes to money. And, with that kind of a vibration, you will be witnessing constant manifestations of money.

Does manifesting money really work?

So, if you would spend a few minutes paying attention to your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you have when you think about money, you would be able to conclude what kind of a vibration you are emitting. You would be able to see your vibration high or low when it comes to money.

And your financial situation is the reflection of your vibration. All of you who have a high vibration when it comes to money are surely experiencing money manifestations very often. And all of you who have low vibration are experiencing the lack of money manifestation.

And that is the biggest evidence that manifesting money is the thing that exists, no matter if you believe it or not.

To all of you who have a high vibration when it comes to money, keep doing the same, and add some more tips and tricks that we will reveal for you by the end of this article.

And to all of you who have a low vibration when it comes to money and who face different challenges when it comes to manifesting money, don’t you worry! We will make sure that you improve all of the “mistakes” you’ve made in this process and we will help you start attracting and manifesting money with ease!

How to manifest money

So, how can you manifest money? As we already mentioned, you need to create positive beliefs about money. You need to learn to feel good about money and create a high vibration about money. The fastest way for doing these things is to use some of the methods and techniques for manifesting money, such as Focus Wheel, Visualization, Cheks, using the Full Moon rituals, Fake Money, Salt Water, Writing, Affirmations, and many more. We will explain each method to you.

Manifesting money with a Focus Wheel

The Focus Wheel is one of the most powerful Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting your wishes. With the help of this technique, you can manifest various things- good health, a new job, a new love partner, and you can manifest more money into your life.

If You want to use the “Focus wheel” technique the right way, here is what you need to do:

  1. Get a blank piece of paper and a pen.

  2. Draw one big circle on the paper.

  3. Draw one smaller circle in the big circle.

  4. Divide the big circle into 12 sections while leaving the smaller circle empty.

  5. Write down your money-related wish into the smaller circle. For example, you can write down: “Money appears in my life with ease.”

  6. Into the 12 sections of the big circle, you need to write down 12 Money Affirmations that are in tune with the thing you’ve written down in the smaller circle.

  7. For example, you can use Affirmations such as: “Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources,” “Wherever I look, I am finding money.”, “I am a magnet for money.”, “I love money and money loves me.”, “As time passes, my money incomes are increasing.”, etc.

  8. It would be best if you chose only the Affirmations that resonate with you, the Affirmations you believe in. And while you are writing them down, make sure to experience the emotion, don’t write “mechanically” without thinking.

  9. After you’ve made your Focus Wheel (One big circle with 12 Affirmations together with a smaller circle with your money-related wish inside of it), the exercise is not over. Keep this piece of paper with your Focus Wheel, and make sure to look at the things you’ve written occasionally. You don’t need more than 5 minutes for that, every day. Looking at your Focus Wheel from time to time will help your vibration to stay high. Soon enough, your focus, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, and your vibration will help you in a manifestation of a desired financial situation.

Visualization money manifestation

If you are a fan of the Law of Attraction, you probably already know just how important Visualization is. Visualization is a technique for manifesting the things you want to experience. You first need to visualize something (you need to imagine the fulfillment of your wish), and after you succeed in visualizing, you will manifest the same thing in your everyday life.

To apply Visualization, you need to:

  1. Go to a nice and relaxing place where no one will bother you.

  2. Close your eyes, take a long deep breath, and allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation.

  3. Imagine the thing that you want to attract and manifest into your everyday life. If you want to attract and manifest more money into your life, then you need to pay attention to a few things during your Visualization.

  4. It is not enough just to imagine yourself having the money you want to manifest. You need to imagine your emotions. Ask yourself, how do you feel when you have that money in your hands. How does it feel to be financially stable? How does it feel to spend all that money?

  5. Imagine all kinds of scenarios with that money. Imagine yourself spending the money, paying for the bills, solving all your money-related problems. Imagine all those things and pay attention to your emotions.

  6. During your Visualization, you have the power to see how you are going to feel when you succeed in manifesting money in your real life. You have the power to feel good about your money situation even if your reality is completely different. During your Visualization, your positive emotion is creating a high vibration. And that high vibration Is a clear sign for the Universe that you are ready to receive the fulfillment of your wish.

  7. You should spend a few minutes of your time every day Visualizing the desired money-related situation. And it would help if you did that until you see the manifestation in your real life.

Manifesting money with checks

Another fantastic method for manifesting more money into your real life is the “The Check from the Bank of the Universe” method. It is a method that can help you to remove your blockages towards money.

For applying the “Check from the Bank of the Universe” method, you need to:

Get yourself an empty piece of paper and a pen.

Draw 3 boxes on that empty piece of paper and write down “The Bank of the Universe.”

Put your name into one box.

Put the amount of money that you want to manifest.

Put the date when you want to get that money.

After you’ve filled the boxes, you need to put away that check into your wallet and forget about it. When the date you’ve put into one of the boxes comes, you will be amazed by the results.

Manifesting money during the New Moon Manifesting money can be quite challenging to those who have a deep belief that they have “stuck into financial problems.” Some people think that changing their deep belief about money and changing their money situation will never happen. But, here is a message to all those people: your financial situation can be changed, and the best time for starting with the changes in this area of your life is during the New Moon because this period is time for new beginnings. What it is that you should do then? Well, you need to:

  • Make sure to find out when the New Moon starts.

  • Bring a decision that during the New Moon, you will start your process of changing all of your previous negative beliefs related to attracting and manifesting money.

  • Decide what the methods that you want to apply during the New Moon are.

  • And the most important thing- stick to your decision. Apply all of the techniques and methods that you find interesting. The energy of the New Moon will support your actions. You can be sure of that.

How to manifest money using fake money Fake money is another fantastic Law of Attraction method for changing your money situation. For applying this method, you need to:

  • Find some fake money bills ( you can buy the fake money bills or print them from your computer).

  • After you’ve found your false money bills, you need to put them into your wallet, together with the real money bills that you have.

  • Whenever you open up your wallet, make sure to take a look at those fake money bills. It may feel strange and funny at first, but as time passes, your brain will absorb the information that you “always have some money in your wallet.” Soon enough, “always having money” will become your deep belief, and you will start to vibrate as someone who “always has money.”

  • When you vibrate with an abundance of money, the Universe will make sure that you get more experiences that will create the same vibration. Soon enough, your wallet will become full of money bills, but this time, they will be real, not fake.

Why salt water is good for manifesting money Remember the last time you’ve swum in the sea? Were you stressed or nervous after spending time in saltwater? Of course, you didn’t. You’ve probably felt the opposite- calm and relaxed. Do you know why that is? It is because salt water is amazing for removing all of the accumulated negative energy and absorbing new, fresh, clean, and positive energy. That is why we can use the benefits of saltwater whenever we want to attract and manifest something. In this case, we can use it to manifest more money. If you want to manifest more money, here is how you should use the saltwater:

  • First of all, get 4 little glasses or bowls.

  • Fill all those glasses or bowls with salt water, or fill them with regular water and add one teaspoon of salt to each of them.

  • While you are doing that, focus on your financial situation. Think about how good it would be to experience financial freedom.

  • While you are filling the glasses with saltwater, repeat this Affirmation: “I am ready to experience money abundance.”

  • After you’ve put the salt water into the cups or bowls, make sure to put one cup into each corner of your room.

  • You can change the saltwater every 7 days.

Manifest money while you sleep You all know that our reality is created with several things- with our thoughts, focus, beliefs, emotions, and in the end, with our vibration. If your deep beliefs on something are dominantly negative, you will have a challenge with attracting and manifesting that thing into your real life. If your deep beliefs on money are negative, you need to change them if you want to manifest money. Is changing your deep belief about money a hard thing? Well, it can be super-easy. You can change your deep negative beliefs on money even during your sleep. And the best way for modifying your negative beliefs on money and the best way for manifesting money while you sleep is to use Guided Money Meditation. You first need to:

  • Take a relaxing shower before you go to sleep.

  • Put on your favorite sleeping clothes.

  • Lie into your bad.

  • Find a suitable Guided Meditation for attracting money (you can get your Guided Meditation on YouTube).

  • Put your headphones on for a better experience, and press the “Play” button.

  • Close your eyes, and listen to the words from the Meditation. Don’t try to understand the things you’re listening to. Just relax, and soon enough, you are going to fall asleep. The words from the Guided Meditation will find their way to your subconscious mind, and it will modify your deep negative beliefs on money.

  • After applying this for a few nights, you will get new, positive beliefs on money. And soon enough, with the help of those positive beliefs, you are going to start manifesting money in your life.

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