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Manifesting the Perfect Relationship

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First, decide what you want. You can't manifest a perfect anything without knowing EXACTLY what you want and DON'T want. What does this relationship look like? What does this ideal person that balances you look like? That's right. What do YOU want in a relationship? What do YOU want to give back? That is just as important.

Make sure that this person and relationship nurture and feed your soul. Those are the easy parts.

Are you ready to manifest? The next step in this process is to embody your manifestation. Become it. Live it. Breathe It. Just as a farmer would prepare his field to sow his seeds, prepare yourself for manifesting. Ground your energy, line up those chakras, get rid of any anxious or negative energy that embodies you. Line up your intentions and energy. 3….2….1….MANIFEST.

Wait! You're not finished. Now you have to BE it.

You made it. Hold space for your love, share energy in meditation. Become Love. Everything LOVE. Think love, exude love, correct in love, speak love, be love, dream love. Act as if you already have this love in your life. The happiness you would feel when you have this love. Check to make sure that you are feeling that love NOW- as in… in the current. (That is the KEY to manifesting anything, by the way)

Love everyone around you, including practicing self-love. Who couldn't use a little more self-love? (I'll cover more on that later!) Just be sure that everything in your life is from love, done out of love and surrounded in love. Surrender to Love completely.

Finally, I need to remind you, don't ignore the signs when that person shows up.

The Universe communicates with you in odd ways, practical ways. However, they are things that would make sense to you. Don't ignore the physical signs that you get either. The butterfly effect in your tummy, the one that has been blatantly staring you down since you walked in the door those are all signs.

Happy Manifesting!

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