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Manifesting With Oracle Cards

Ever wonder if you could keep a conscious contact with your Higher Power and receive real viable guidance when you need it? Let’s face it, life is stressful and for sensitive folks, it can be overwhelming. We’re at a time of unprecedented change, and uncertainty is becoming the more prevalent state of mind. We need tools and methods to keep us on track so we don’t allow the temporary conditions of the outer world to throw us off our path. But we don’t have to go it alone!

Although you can pretty much apply these tips to any oracle deck you use for higher guidance these 5 tips work particularly well with this deck.

1. Protection Cards

Reversed cards are PROTECTION cards not boogey men! In this deck the reversed cards are actually called Protection cards and their purpose is to steer you away from trouble not towards it. So know this- Spirit wants you to thrive and if you’re about to repeat a mistake from the past, enter into a situation not in your highest good wouldn’t you want someone to let you know? TA DA. Now you have an oracle specifically designed to give you a nudge before you fall on your face.

2. Be Curious But Detached

Your state of mind is reflected in the cards. If you approach your cards all nutty and nervous insisting you get what you want, you will get a gentle knock on the knuckles. Always approach an oracle with a detached state of curiosity, asking for information for the highest good. Guidance will be much easier to hear. Your intuition will be clear.

3. Patterns And Trajectory

The future is changeable. Isn’t that awesome to know that? Oracles will show you your trajectory. If you don’t like where you’re headed maybe it’s time to shift your perspective and perception of where you are now. If you do what you did, think how you thought, well then you’ll get what you got. Wisdom of the Oracle is designed to show you the patterns and support the new ones!

4. Reflection Of Yourself

Oracle cards are powerful self-development tools. Most people think they are for “ fortune telling” but that is not their highest intention. They are powerful mirrors and journey guides that can help you see yourself with clarity and honesty and give you courage to make the changes needed to become your best self. Yes they can foretell the future but only because they are reflecting the now and the results of your thoughts, feelings beliefs and conditioning.

5. Several Meanings

Oracle cards can support your business, your coaching or counseling practice, as well as give you insights on intimate relationships. This particular deck actually is divided into subjects! Each card has a prosperity meaning and a relationship meaning as well as one for protection. To make it even easier there is a brief description with key words to kick-start your intuition as well as a general meaning.

Whatever oracle system you choose to use to help you navigate your way forward know this - you are loved, you are heard, you count, and Spirit wants to partner with you! Remember who you are, immortal soul, a spark of Spirit first, person here on earth second. Miracles manifest when you commit to that partnership and let the magic flow through you for the highest good of all!

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