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Ground Yourself Into Awareness

How to do it: Meditate or deep-breathe for five minutes

First, you should stop running on autopilot. We need to step out of the tide of life for a while and really ground ourselves into awareness. In this field of awareness, we can easily tune-in into our longings. Intentions work best when you’re grounded and not in a place of fear. To ground yourself into awareness, meditate for a few minutes.You can also do deep-breathing until you feel the stillness inside.

1). Check Your Environment

You have to get rid of the toxicity. This includes toxic:

  • people

  • thoughts

  • attitudes

  • behaviors

Let it all go! Why?

The toxic environment you are in is holding you back. Toxicity is anything that comes between you and your dreams. This includes your negative attitudes and behaviors, family members, friends, and/or intimate partner. For you to receive what you truly desire, You have to put yourself in a position to receive your desires abundantly. Toxicity, in any form, will completely block you from attaining your dreams. So, you have to make the executive decision to not let that happen.

So, change up your circle or get rid of it all together. When you have a positive environment, I promise you that you are going to attract complete positivity in your life. Consequently, do not worry about who or what you lose in the process of cleaning up your life because the ‘gain’ will be worth it.

To manifest your dreams, check your environment!

2). What is it that you want to manifest?

So, you checked your environment! Yaaay!

Now you need to think about what you want to manifest.

Do you want to:

  • start a food blog in the next 3 months?

  • buy a car at the end of summer?

  • own a house at the age of 37?

Know what it is you want to be manifest. But , most importantly, be as specific as you can about your it. As can be seen by the questions above, both goals and dates were specifically stated. So, double down and be intentional.

To manifest your dreams, you have to know what it is that you want to manifest.

3). Visualization

To have it, you have to see yourself having it.

This is where you find a way to visualize your dreams. Some people do manifestation scripting, bullet journals, and/or vision boards.

I personally love to do both manifestation scripting and vision boards. I did one 3 weeks ago and I already achieved three of the ten things on it. So, you can follow either techniques or do a combinations. Seeing what my dream looks like on the vision board, motivates me to put the work in to achieve them. As for manifestation scripting, it arises positive emotions in me and acts as a reminder that I am on the right path to achieve my goals.

Visualizing your dreams is not only about seeing your dreams, it is also about truly believing that you can and will have it. So, do not half-heartedly visualize your dreams. Go all in!

DO NOT “SORT OF; KIND OF” your dreams. Be fully invested.

To manifest your dreams, you have to visualize yourself having those dreams.

4). To manifest your dreams, you have to put the work in

Did you expect your dreams to fall into your laps without putting in any work? Not even in fairytale movies does this happened. To turn something into a reality, you have to put in the work or else you are a dreamer.

Dreamers, dreams and doers, do.

Unlock your go-getter mentality and make your dreams a reality.

5). Practice gratitude

The final thing you have to do is practice gratitude. You have to appreciate where you are in life and the things that are helping you to achieve your dreams. Sometimes we are too invested in something that we missed opportunities. Take a step back and be grateful. You must be present and appreciate your progress.

Remember that toxic thinking I mentioned earlier? Get rid of it. Look at everything in your life from a positive perspective. ALWAYS. If you experience failure, be grateful because you just learned a lesson about yourself and/or someone. So:

  • Be grateful for the wins and losses in your life.

  • Stay present.

  • Focus on the positives.

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