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Master Your Insecurities in Love & Life!

Walking in Confidence

In this day and age this is truly a mastership, which can often lead to many struggles that cause lingering insecurity which often destroys the relationship all together. Lack of Confidence in self, only serves to distort intent in love and in life, which brings forth many questions to the insecure mind.

Like, What is my purpose and meaning? What am I really here to do? Will I find my life’s partner? Why am I not finding the “Right Relationship? Or, why do I keep getting in to the “wrong” relationships? When will I ever be Happy? When will my “Finances and Prosperity” manifest to meet my needs? Some of life’s most difficult questions! Lets take a good look.

I have been teaching Positive Psychology for 23 yrs. within Marriage counseling, spiritual development, and analytical behavior in couples. One main factor of the problem hinge on Intent, or lack of the same. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and the Greatest of all FEAR! “The fulfillment for love and belongingness is considered a prerequisite for self-esteem, and self-actualization”. (Snyder). It stands to reason that we tend to look outside for theses needs to be met. However, you must first have a good healthy intent from within the self-first, and then fulfilling your need for love, and prosperity in your life comes forth with Great blessings. I have some personal growth tools when we speak, that will ensure your getting your emotional needs met.

So, what gets in the way then, what is going wrong… Your Intent is just as it should be, your desire is there, you motivation is strong, but your still not getting him to call you, your not getting the response from the company you have been waiting to hear from for a week. What is going on here? You maybe in the right mind set, but the emotions are saying, you are not going to get that job, or you’re not good enough for him or her!

Healthy strong, long lasting relationships come about when you keep your thoughts focused on what you want to experience in the partnership, not on what happened to you in your last relationship, and how he/she hurt you. When you concentrate on worry, fear, and doubt, instead of what you want to see manifest in your relation, you set yourself up to fail. When you are going for a job position, that you really want, that offers you great benefits, salary, and positive working environment, you must see your self working there/ Feel what it will feel like to be a part of there team. Visualize, keep your intent clear, you will find before you know it, your there working and creating what you wanted. But, if you are thinking in your mind, and emotions, that maybe they will give the job to someone else, or your fearful your not good enough to have a great job like that, you block the flow of the universe from bringing this to you, your intent, vision, thoughts and emotions, all are main players in the desired outcome!

Remember you’re the mastermind that runs the show! I know fear can grip your mind, and take you into a down ward spiral! Let me remind you once again, you are in control. The only thing that replaces fear is Faith, and positive intention! There is a Biblical passage that says to light up a room, you do not have to Dig out the darkness, just turn on the light! If you struggle with thoughts of fear like, is he cheating on me? Or he does not want me! You can stay stuck in that mindset, or you can embrace your inner strength of self-esteem and confidence. Confidence is strength with style, and it gets stronger, as you keep the intent. You can overcome it. It is not a hereditary disorder. The more you focus on feeling confident, the more confidants you will become! My Purpose in being here is to provide strength, clarity, support, and truth! I will help you work through the feelings of insecurity, and fear, remember, it is not permanent!

Both men and woman desire confidence in their partner. Men want to be in a relationship that he feels appreciated for the King in him (seeing his qualities, and letting him know, How special he really is). Every woman wants to feel loved and honored for the queen in her (Told she is loved, beautiful, and cared for). When you keep the attitude of confidence, you will feel good about yourself, and will always brings forth healthy thoughts, not needy thoughts. Webster’s definition of needy, (needing a lot of attention, affection, or emotional support). Webster’s definition of Want, (to desire or wish for (something). An unhealthy relationship is one in which you are needy of your partner, constantly in need of attention like a your child on the other hand a healthy relationship is based on want, desire to be and share with someone, or something they offer.

Being Confident, and secure in your own life and soul being, and sharing this with another. One more thought for you. You are a divine child of God, how can you not feel confident in just that alone! Your relationships help you to grow into more of the person you are intended to be, weather good or bad, when you look within and allow yourself to see the love from within you. It is like dropping a pebble in the water, it creates a ripple effect that keeps on going! You are a gift, and a true expression of the almighty. The spirit of God resides within you, and can move mountains. Open your heart and speak to that spirit in you it will heal you and empower you. Release the strong hold of insecurity in your life, and your spirit, and soar with the Eagle that fly’s close to Great Spirit! My God Has never failed me, nor will he fail you. My SOUL purpose is …You!

God Bless,


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