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Meditation for Transformation

The purpose of meditation has got a little bit lost along the way. It really isn’t about sweat and Lycra; it’s about the connection to a spiritual power greater than us and our heartfelt belief that this connection provides an open channel through which we can receive what it is we’re seeking.

So, how do we connect? How do we meditate?

  1. You’re busy, you don’t have time to ‘clear your mind’ before you find clarity so, instead, we’re focusing on doing things the other way around. Amid the chaos of your thoughts, begin to think of one thing you’d like to feel in this moment; it could be calm, motivated, empowered, capable, reasonable, happy, compassionate…and then repeat this word over and over. By doing this you’re calming your mind, lowering your anxiety and stress, and overriding all other thoughts and demands even if you continue multi-tasking you are literally changing your mind in that moment by repeating your word.

  2. Once you’ve spent 30-seconds or so repeating your word then say to yourself: I trust. Repeat this a few times until it feels natural and comfortable.

  3. When you’re ready, say the following affirmation out loud or to yourself: I surrender. I trust I am connected to a spiritual power far greater than myself and I am guided for my highest good and wellbeing. And so, it is.

There’s no ‘closing down’ in this meditation; what we’re doing is building up our connection by staying open to the flow we have begun to create. You can repeat this as many times as you like, for as long as you like. Remember, meditation is a mindful connection to a spiritual power greater than ourselves; if we choose to remain in a ‘meditative state’ that can only serve us positively.

Take baby steps and start with one minute a day if you prefer: find your word, repeat ‘I trust’, and accept you’re connected to a spiritual power greater than yourself. This is how meditation will transform your life and how you can benefit in all ways from a daily practice that can take you as little as one minute. When your buttons are being pressed, when your schedule is overwhelming, when you crave thinking time, and just a little bit of peace, start repeating your chosen word, ‘I trust’, then accept you’re connected to Source energy and you’re ready to transform your life one minute at a time.

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