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Morning Affirmations For Women

Need A Better Way To Start Your Day? These Morning Affirmations For Women Will Help You Build Confidence And Boost Your Mood.

I know I can’t be the only one who wakes up some days just knowing it’s going to be a bad day, right? Right? I mean c’mon. The house is a mess, the kids are already fighting, you didn’t sleep well, and you’re stressed about a task you need to complete. And, on top of it all, your favorite jeans don’t fit right thanks to all the stress eating. It’s going to be the worst and you just know it.

I’ve found that by taking a few moments every morning to focus on positive thoughts, it can drastically change my mood for the day. Want to give it a try yourself? Read on for a great list of morning affirmations for women, moms, and really, everyone.

How Do Affirmations Work

Life is stressful, and it’s easy to get sucked into these negative emotions.

But, as Buddha said, “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract, What you imagine, you create.” Basically, our thoughts are everything.

If we focus our energy on negative thoughts and emotions, that is what we’ll see all around us. But, if we take a minute to re-focus our brains on the positive, that’s what will stand out the most.

The simplest explanation of this is that our brains believe what we tell them. If we’re consumed with phrases like “I can’t…” then our brains will believe that we really can’t. But, if we change our inner dialogue and start using “I can,” and “I am,” phrases, we’ll start to believe that, too.

Recently, I’ve entered into a season of personal growth, and have found myself heavily relying on those affirmations I used to share in the workshops. And, I thought that if I was benefitting from them, the rest of you might as well. So, I’ve expanded on the list I already had to bring you a huge list of positive and inspirational morning affirmations for women.

Look through them, find a few that really speak to you, and give them a try.

  • I’ve got this.

  • I am patient.

  • Today, I choose to be happy

  • I love who I am becoming

  • I have unlimited power.

  • Everything I’m looking for is already within me

  • I am brilliant and beautiful.

  • I am becoming a better version of myself.

  • Today is full of opportunity and love

  • I am worthy

  • I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

  • Today may be difficult, but it is only temporary

  • I accept myself

  • I enjoy the simple moments

  • Anything is possible, because I believe in myself.

  • I am enough.

  • I have the power to change myself.

  • Small improvements lead to big results.

  • I am healthy and strong.

  • Today is going to be a great day.

  • I am in control

  • I am proud of myself and what I have accomplished

  • My possibilities are endless

Positive Affirmations For Women (& Moms)

  • I focus on what I can control and forget the rest

  • I am present, playful, and calm

  • It’s okay to ask for help

  • I am doing the best I can

  • I trust my instincts

  • Self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity

  • This isn’t easy, but I can do it.

  • I will not compare myself to others.

  • I am an amazing mom

-Be the Light , The quality of your thoughts depends on it.

Love & Light


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