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My Husband Is Not My Soulmate

In todays topic I will be talking about your Husband and being a soulmate or not! Now this article is a little more sensitive than most, a little more heartfelt and personal for some, however it is something I have been wanting to write about and share for a long time. Something I know some of you will be able to relate to and for those of you who cannot relate than to share with a friend who can. Let’s start off with these few words… ‘My Husband is Not My soulmate’. Now I am sure I have your mind in thinking mode now! Lets Begin.

First of all before we get into it. Lets clarify what a Soul Mate is. Many of us in our lives are searching for or waiting for that perfect person to walk into our lives and make everything okay, to complete us and to fall in love with us. Now although Love is a big factor in a soul mate­ simply loving or being in love with someone does not mean they are your Soul Mate. A SoulMate is someone who has Keys that fit our locks and locks which fit our keys, they know us, understand us, People who have access to these keys and locks are ones that can be trusted, and often around these people we can be ourselves 100 percent of the time. And when we can be ourselves we are happy.

Many of us settle for ‘Life­ partner’ relationships based on one factor many of us fear, the real fear of being alone. ‘Life partner’ relationships are when there is an attraction, a love, yet always a feeling of not quite fitting, of either you not being enough or them not being enough. Of the cup always being half full and never entirely full as to speak. These relationships often bring so many questions upon us, we never feel secure, 100 percent loved or in love, or as though this person is all we need and will ever need. We never feel entirely complete­ even though we may care for and love this person­ is caring for someone and loving someone truly enough? The truth is… if that is all you can share with your husband, then quite honestly that’s not always enough.

When you are with your SoulMate in life you just ‘get each other’ You can never spend enough time with them, you will often find you are both mentally connected, finishing each others sentences at times, knowing what that person is thinking and feeling. Soulmates are mentally inseparable, they have a connection similar to those as twins­ we call this a telepathic connection, often times picking up the phone to make a phone call at the same time, or thinking the same things. You and your SoulMate against the world is how you take to everyday life when you are with the one, nothing is impossible in that word itself all you both see is ‘Possible’. You have a tendency to want to accomplish things together and achieve results hand in hand. It truly is you two against the world.

You will Feel Secure, Protected and 100 percent Content when you are with your SoulMate. It is a person who you cannot imagine life without, and someone who you could never walk away from. It is someone who would always be worth fighting for and when problems occur you always look for the solutions together. It is someone who most importantly always makes you smile and never makes you doubt­ this is the most important thing to remember of all. A Soul Mate is Your Best Friend.

Often times we settle with people when the cup is half full, Whether you choose to be with your Soulmate through your personal choice of loving and knowing, or whether the Universe has always had this as a plan for you­ one thing I do know for sure is we all have free will and the choices we make and the people we are with are always our own, we are as powerful as fate and the universe and we have the ability to choose and change the life paths we are on and the people in our lives. We are apart of the universe this is what we are made from and come from, so we truly do have the power to be in control of our lives in every way.

Now Is My Husband My Soulmate? The truth is, this is something that you will already know whether he is or is not, and just because your husband is not your soul mate does not mean you should not be with him. However, I personally am not a person who believes one should settle for anything but the best, for greater happiness and the highest of love and connections. When you hold great doubt this says a lot, it shows you that you do not believe in the person you are with, and one thing is for certain when you are with your SoulMate there is never room for doubt when the glass is always full. I trust you to make the right decision for you and no one else but You, This is the key. You are precious and this life is not forever, so take it upon yourself to live a life of happiness with the right person. You will always know the right choice for YOU.

Love & Light

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