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New Year Coming Let Go Of The Past

This year for many has been a toxic one when it comes to people around them and relationships. But the good news is, you don’t have to continue on that path of destruction of your happiness in this New Year. You have the ability to let it go and allow joy back into your life again.

I often wonder how I held on to things so long in my past. It was years that I harbored bad feelings towards people around me that hurt me and lowered my standards of what I should accept in my life. It was about 6 years ago I had an epiphany that changed my life for the better and brought me back to a place of loving myself again as well as those around me.

One day I just woke up and said I have to let it go or I am going to be the one who will end up miserable and hateful to others like people around me had been to me. It was not an easy thing to do. I mean, who does not like the drama of being in conflict? When it comes down to our health, our livelihood, and our sanity; letting go is the best thing. If you allow yourself to remain in the place of accepting toxic people in your life, you stop allowing blessings to enter your life in the way of new friends.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing I felt the minute I acknowledged that I must let go, even if it was hard and I still cared for these people. I can honestly say though I felt the chains around me drop off and I felt so free, free to be me again. You ask yourself, how do I let go? I cannot just walk away from people? I can help guide you through this. We only get one life and the answer to happiness is not letting negative affect you to the point you are always uptight.

The first step I took was praying about the situation. I wanted to make sure this was the answer to my unhappiness. When I felt the answer came to let go, I just distanced myself from the people that brought me down. Slowly on their own they fell to the wayside in my life.

Second, I made a firm decision that no matter how down I was I was going to smile and be kind to everyone around me. You never know the difference you make in a person’s life going through the same thing. You know the saying is true, “Hurting people hurt others.” I knew if I put on a smile I could soften someone’s heart that needed that.

Third, I got involved with new people. I personally started to go to a new church where I ended up meeting some of my best friends today. I know the church is not something everyone considers, but there are tons of places to meet new people. Compassionate people could volunteer for a humanitarian cause, single groups, sports, dancing, anything that motivates your passions to be aroused again after being down so long. Sometimes we forget our greatest joys were from the hobbies we loved to do.

And lastly, don’t look back. I always say people who want to be in your life will find a way to be there again. A good wake up call to bad behaviour goes a long ways. Letting go when they are at their worst goes even further.

This New Year is about starting your goals over, your dreams over, but especially about being in control of your happiness. If you have struggled with having a negative person in your life that has hurt you or just brings you down, then this is the time you need to take a stand. Be the amazing person that lets go and lets God, and follow up with new people with your amazing personality and I promise good people will start to come into your life. People you never imagined could love you like no one else could.

-Blessing & Love


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