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Past Life Regression

Many phobias, anxieties and obsessive behaviours that we experience in this life time are very often linked to a previous life. If whilst under hypnosis I can not find the root cause of problems in the present life I will regress my clients further back into previous lifetimes until we can identify the root cause.

A past client whom I shall name John approached me with a crippling phobia he had of needles. This phobia was so bad that he would faint at the sight of a needle. It had affected his life so badly that he had suffered illness as a result of being too scared seek medial attention when he needed it. John disclosed to me that he was a police officer and had been for 15 years. He had come into contact with needles during his work resulting in him fainting or having to leave the scene in panic. It was hard to believe that this big strong police officer sat before me was in such turmoil, I felt compelled to help him. After discussion it became obvious that there was no trigger for this phobia in his current lifetime. I knew I would need to regress him and get to the root cause of his phobia

During Johns regression to a previous lifetime it transpired that he had been having an affair with the wife of his employer. He had been employed by a local doctor working as a servant in his house . After uncovering the betrayal of his wife and employee the doctor took his revenge by murdering John . A struggle broke out in the study between John and the doctor . John recalled feeling a sharp pain as the needle penetrated his arm . He had been injected with a lethal cocktail. Very quickly he could feel himself drifting and loosing consciousness, within seconds he was dead.

This is where Johns crippling phobia of needles had originated from. A phobia that bad the he fainted at the very sight of them. I did the work that was necessary with John to banish his phobia for good in the present lifetime. He no longer faints when he comes into contact with needles nor does he become anxious. After being very sceptical in the beginning John is now a firm believer in past lives and that there is often a link between past and present .

-Love & Light

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