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Pisces: Which Sign Is Most Compatible?

Aries – This match is unlikely, but there is a complementary link between Pisces’ dreamy nature and need for security and Aries more dynamic approach to life. It’s not an obvious match, but it can work quite well as long as tact is applied.

Taurus – This can be a good match, but with a bumpy start. Taurus’ extreme practicality is wonderful and can help to realise the scope of Pisces vision. On the downside, this practicality can sometimes be a little heavy handed for us romantics, even though a mutual taste for creature comforts is well shared.

Gemini – This match can work, but may be hard to maintain. Pisces and Gemini signs are quick witted by nature and there’s likely to be an immediate attraction, but one that is unlikely to sustain given Gemini’s airy tendencies. Also, Gemini signs will possibly find Pisces intense need for emotional reassurance impossible to fathom.

Cancer – This is a great match! Pisces and Cancer signs are both equally emotional and sensitive. Cancer has the edge on practicality, which helps balance the pairing and keeps what could otherwise be a rather too fluid relationship stable. Once committed, they remain loyal to each other.

Leo – This is a tricky one, and possibly not a great match. Leo signs often can’t understand Pisces dreamy hesitancy and tends to stamp all over their feelings. In turn, Pisces signs won’t understand Leo’s need for acknowledgment and admiration, as well as their endless need to socialise.

Virgo - Astrological opposites can complement each other well, but Virgo’s extremely fastidious mind can find Pisces inclination to prioritise dreams over reality maddening. It’s also unlikely that there will be much of an initial romantic spark.

Scorpio – Now this is an interesting match! There’s an immediate closeness here between the two potentially intense water signs, but Scorpio’s possessiveness actually helps Pisces to feel loved rather than smothered and they are equally sensual and imaginative with a strong bond. This combination can really, really work.

Libra - There can be a unique harmony here between these two, because both like the artistic side of life and share a similar vision of what’s beautiful. The downside? Pisces sign’s need for emotional security is at odds with Libra sign’s desire for freedom and this can undetermined them in the end.

Sagittarius - The possible flaw here is Sagittarius sign’s need for independence and constant activity outside the home, which Pisces finds undermining. There’s a restlessness that feels like rejection to Pisces sign’s, whilst Pisces sign’s tendency to be a bit of a dreamer can irritate Sagittarians.

Aquarius – This one seems great at first glance, but there can be some snags. Innovative Aquarius may seem like a perfect match for Pisces sensual idealism, but there’s too much airy detachment in Aquarian ideas to fully for Pisces sign’s emotional states. Aquarians need external stimulation, which frustrates Pisces signs.

Pisces and Pisces – In this case, there’s almost too much compatibility. Way too much enjoyment of all the good things. Too much romance, too much sensitivity, too much empathy, too many dreams and ideas to make this work well. It may seem like a perfect match, but in the real world this match can lead to an unhealthy interdependence.

Capricorn – This match is great. A great example here of opposites attracting. They may seem very different, but Pisces signs relish Capricorn’s passion, strength of character and can do attitude, while Capricorn signs love Pisces’ affectionate sign.

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