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Platonic Soulmates

Platonic soulmates are best described as the best of friends. They share everything with each other. Celebrate their successes. Mourn over their losses. And cheer them on when the time arises. These relationships can evolve over time through various tests and lessons, or they can be recurring ones from life to life in which you feel that connection instantly. Most people believe that all soulmate relationships are romantic, but the opposite is true. We have many types of soulmate relationships, and only one type is romantic. Many soulmate relationships are platonic. Two primary characteristics of a platonic soulmate are reliability and unconditional love. Platonic soulmates are always there for each other in a loving and nonjudgmental way. They may not totally agree with each other or appreciate a specific direction of each other's lifestyle choices, but they will always support each other in their journey. For platonic soulmates, intimacy primarily means hugging and hand-holding. There are typically no romantic feelings involved. It is filled with compassion and kindness that goes beyond coupling. It is recognizing the worth in each other at a higher level and feeling a deep spiritual connection between each other that is frequently unspoken. When these relationships occur in our lives, they will show up as best friends for life, close cousins, or inseparable siblings. It is infrequent for a platonic soulmate to be a romantic partner, but it can happen. It is most likely to occur with asexual people in an aromatic relationship. If you've ever had a great friend in your life that you spent a long time apart from and can pick things back up instantly, then that is a sign of a platonic soulmate. Platonic soulmates allow each other time apart to grow and learn. There is often little friction between platonic soulmates, so they must experience their conflicts within other relationships and come back to center themselves with their platonic soulmate. Platonic soulmates offer an ear to bend, which allows them to release and contemplate their life decisions in the process of soul growth. The romantic soulmates that we encounter may not be lifelong, so our platonic soulmates help us learn and process those experiences. It is the platonic soulmate relationships that we experience true unconditional love. It is also true that platonic soulmates may be part of our soul group traveling with you from life to life. Over many reincarnations, you may develop more profound relationships with members of your soul group. In these cases, these relationships will always be platonic as they are more familiar. We experience the most soul growth in romantic relationships outside our soul groups. These relationships teach us about ourselves and how we give and receive love. They also teach us how to experience the full range of emotions we have gifted within our earthly presence. You may find and meet someone new who is your romantic partner and evolves into a platonic soulmate, but that occurrence is very rare. However, you should value it deeply if it occurs because it is the good karma of both of you that created that unique union.

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