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Premonitions: How to Tell If Your Premonitions are True

Ever wondered whether you have any supernatural abilities in the form of premonitions? How often do you ignore spot on intuitions while considering them an accident? Do you analyze every unusual experience happening within you or do you simply shrug them off?

Trying to understand what causes premonitions, the mystic world of premonitions, and psychic powers can be overwhelming. Many individuals have advanced psychic abilities and they simply don’t have a clue.

More often, these abilities tend to manifest in different unique forms, such as premonitions.Even so, it is quite difficult to identify these abilities, and oftentimes, adults or parents get to notice them at first.

These abilities will manifest early in others, and in some cases, never manifest at all in other individuals.

If you are already having premonitions, how can you know whether they are real? How can you differentiate real from mere fallacies? Read along to find out.

1. High Intuition Levels

One of the best ways to determine whether your premonitions are real or not is to determine your level of intuitions. Basically, this is a pretty easy step since you can easily know from what goes around you on a daily basis.

Take for example knowing the identity of your caller before picking your phone. While many people will ignore this as mere luck, it is a clear sign that your intuition levels are quite high.Once you notice this happening more often, then it’s a clear sign that your premonitions are quite real.

2. Countless Deja Vu Experiences

As mentioned before, the psychic world is tangled in a web of unending controversies. Déjà vu, for example, has been associated with evil powers and creepy scenarios, as depicted in many movies.

This is not the case, however. Experiencing numerous déjà vu situations such as feeling familiar to a place you have never visited is a good sign that your premonitions are actually real.

3. Having Visions of The Future

Just like déjà vu, having clear, normal visions about things that will happen in the future is deemed quite abnormal. Contrary to this belief, having such visions is quite normal.

The thing is that most people don’t know that they have such abilities. But if you have such visions, how can you know that your premonitions are real? How do you justify your visions?

The rate at which these visions occur will give you clear indications. If you find yourself having visions in your daily life or through dreams more often, then you probably have true premonitions. The catch, however, is that your visions should actually happen in real life.

4. An Accurate Gut Feeling

Though many people take it for granted, having an accurate gut feeling about something before it happens is a clear indication that your premonitions are real.

In some instances, it might be your adrenaline just kicking in. However, if this happens always, then you can rest assured that your psychic abilities are real.

5. Future Predictions That are Accurate

Have you ever felt down to tell a friend or simply write down about an event that will happen in the future? Have you predicted about an event that happened accurately in the future?

Predicting future events isn’t as simple as one may believe. You may predict the outcome of a match based on different statistics and come out a winner. However, premonitions are more complex than predicting the outcome of a league match.

Accurate premonitions require that you give an accurate prediction of something that will happen in the future, without considering any statistics. It’s based on your inner feeling that the event will come true. If you have predicted such events countless times and they came to pass, then that’s a clear sign that your premonitions are real.

6. Vivid Dreams

One characteristic of an individual with psychic powers is the ability to have a vivid comprehension of their dreams. This means that once you have a dream while asleep, you can powerfully and accurately remember all the nitty-gritty details of the dream.

While you can simply remember everything in your dream, it’s of utmost importance to remember that each object or symbol in your dream should have a deeper meaning. More often, these symbols give an in-depth understanding of your life as well as any experiences that you may have.

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