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Psychic Attack

Psychic Attacks A psychic attack is when attention or energy is directed at a person. It can come from an entity (or what is called a ‘being without a body’), family, friends, foes, colleagues, and competitors. It is energy thrown in a person’s direction. People may send it with the intention to cause harm or be intense emotions such as anger or jealousy. The intensity of the attack is related mainly to how much you resist or react to it and, in some ways, match the energy. Some people believe that this may cause damage on a physical, emotional, or mental level. Psychic attacks may be conscious or unconscious. Conscious attacks are compared to the realm of black magic and are a form of bullying that might have serious consequences. Unconscious attacks are energy sent without realizing the harm or effect it may have on another person. Attacks may wear off over time, and there are ways to clear this energy. In truth, a psychic attack is more about the ‘victim’ than the ‘perpetrator’ and it is helpful to look inwards at why you may feel you are being attacked and what that brings up or lights up in you. Signs of Psychic Attack Some signs associated with a psychic attack are: A sense of being watched Unpleasant dreams or nightmares Seeing the person in dreams, in random thoughts, or during meditation Feeling tired or drained for no reason Unexplained body pain Irrational fear Uncertainty Negative or Intrusive thoughts Clumsy feelings or accidents Managing Psychic Attacks There are many practices that you can use to manage psychic attacks. First, ask, “Is this energy mine, or not mine?” to develop awareness around what energies belong to you and what might be outside (also known as ‘foreign energy’). Being able to distinguish between your energies and others helps you create boundaries and define your space. Often we feel we are being attacked when we are matching something that a person is projecting our way. Giving attention or turning your focus towards the attacker in a way to allows this energy to permeate your energetic space. If you focus your attention on a perceived attack or person, it will infiltrate your space. If you feel that you are being attacked, do not attempt to reason with the other person or control their actions. Disengage from the situation and energies and pull all your energy and attention off them. Release any sense of a victim mentality or being powerless to the energy. Forgive them, and forgive yourself. Create a sense of closure. This may include some form of written letter or ritual. You may also use meditation and clairvoyant tools. Learn about your energetic boundaries. Sometimes reinforcing these boundaries may require you to make a physical separation from a person, group, or organization. Learn tools such as grounding and clearing energy and creating protection or separation. Energy Vampires Energy Vampires are beings or people who believe they cannot create or sustain their life force without leeching off someone else. They are called vampires because it may feel as if they ‘suck’ the life or energy out of a room or person. Types of energy vampires include: The blamer, who places blame on everyone else Guilt trippers who use guilt to get what they want out of people Jealous people who can never indeed be happy for others Insecure types who need to put down others to feel better Those who do not feel or express joy Those who whine are short-tempered, gossip, and love drama. People who feed off of emotional reactions and drama Managing Energy Vampires Learning tools such as grounding, clearing energy, and creating separation or protection are helpful. You may find other practices such as journaling or some ritual or method that allows you to break free from the dynamic. As with psychic attacks, it is essential to ask, what in my space is inviting this energy in? How do I perpetuate this dynamic with this person or group? It may require redefining and readjusting relationships. In the case of intimate relationships, long-standing friendships, and even business partnerships, it may require more of a ritual to define clearly, and the endpoint may involve complete physical separations from the other person. Social Media and Virtual Spaces Virtual spaces are highly trance-medium in nature and are often very ungrounded, making you more sensitive to energies passing through. Across social media platforms, people often project all their thoughts, feelings, and emotions onto words and images posted, which you may be able to sense and read. It is important to ground, clear, and manage these virtual spaces as much as one would a physical space. In moving through these virtual spaces and using social media platforms, consider how much of yourself you are willing to share. Take time to maintain accounts that may be connected to you, your brand, or your business and how this affects your energy, relationships, and bottom line. Psychic Self-Care Self-care can be applied to many areas including the psychic and energetic. Regular daily practices are part of maintaining good psychic hygiene. Daily routines and practices are essential to keep yourself free and clear and process the emotions, triggers, and energies that may come to the surface when doing intense energy work. Neglecting this aspect can lead to issues that may even manifest physically. Cultivating a sense of clarity through meditation, the use of clairvoyant tools and other practices also allows for more accurate readings and powerful healing. Practicing Psychic Self-Care Turn it off/ Tune it out – take breaks from media, intense bursts of socializing or busy periods to regenerate Do something fun- take time to explore fun and create a sense of joy in your life. Connect to nature, animals, and the elements Get rest, hydrate, sunlight, and the proper nutrition for your body. Move your body to clear energy out Give yourself a chance to create and self-express Pace yourself in any energetic work, readings, and healings, giving your body and spirit time to process, clear, and integrate information and experiences. A Psychic Perspective There are several schools of thought on psychic attacks and energy vampires. Some believe that it is real and requires a particular form of assistance, which may include paying someone to maintain space or clear energies for you. This may be helpful to a point, but constantly relying on another person to manage energies for you is in some ways, impossible. It may work as temporary support, but will only improve when you address the energy on your own. Assuming you are being psychically attacked or drained by an energy vampire only decentralizes your power. Attacks deny our seniority over energies and the ability to use our free will to decide what we choose to let in and how we want to define our boundaries. Although there may be people or energies that truly wish ill will, it is disempowering to allow others to usurp your energy and may be more of a statement on how you view yourself than anything else. It is possible to feel the effects of someone or something throwing their energy in your direction. Even positive thoughts can impact another person and be viewed as a form of psychic attack. As a psychic and energy worker, you may feel it deeply, including a sense of your body vibrating or shaking, headache, digestive and sleep disruption, a sense of being out-of-sorts, and in some cases, dream disruption accidents, physical harm or blockages. However, none of this is possible unless you allow these energies in. If you genuinely feel attacked or drained by an energy vampire, it may be a sign that you must turn inward and see where you are mirroring or matching the other person or energy. Ask yourself: is this mine or not mine? What is in my space, thoughts, and beliefs may match the energy that person is sending my way? Doing the inner work and looking at why this may be happening is essential. If it persists, or you notice that it is bringing up specific patterns and behaviors, it may be time to get some additional help in the form of counseling or mental health support. No one can do this for you. Finally, using practices, including meditation, and clairvoyant tools to ground, clear, and run fresh energy, protect your space, create separation, and kick out unwanted energies or foreign energy are some ways to manage this from a psychic perspective. As a psychic and energy worker, you are responsible for using your tools and practices ethically. Reading or working with someone’s energy without their permission or using your tools to affect another person deliberately is not adhering to best practices and may come back to you. Getting neutral, releasing resistance and fear, standing in your power, owning your crown, and bringing in your amusement and seniority are all ways to ensure that your space is respected, maintained, and free to read, heal, and mock-up the life you truly desire.

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