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Psychic Meditation

What is the power of meditation? The goal of meditation is not to finish or remove the excitement. It is much more training of the mind to guide focus and also focus on one element. This single aspect might be a solitary sound, a single word or idea, a single photo, and even the individual’s own breathing.

What is the goal of meditation?

The power of meditation is not to remove the excitement. It is more a training of the mind to direct focus and concentration to one component. This solitary aspect may be a single audio, a single word or idea, a single picture, and even the person’s very own breathing.

This is designed to bring tranquility and also peace to the mind by making it focus so that worry, stress and anxiety, and clinical depression are pushed aside. Unfavorable thoughts can be replaced with favorable ones in this manner.

Meditating is important and it is a way that you can tune into your psychic senses and your intuitive senses. Psychic meditation can benefit you for many reasons. The first reason is that it can help you to build up your psychic gifts and can help your mind reach a higher level of consciousness. When you learn to be open psychically, you will want to keep meditating to be stronger.

Another great reason to meditate is because you want your abilities to help you to tune into what you need to hear. Skilled readers and healers use meditation in order to set up the process before doing a reading. The purpose of this mediation is so that they can focus and have a clear mind.

Meditating is not something that just psychics do but it is a tool that is valuable for a healer, an intuitive or a psychic or even someone that wants to increase their gifts. They want to get past the physical and more into the spiritual realm.

Learning to meditate will help you to reach a state of mind that twill be receptive to psychic gifts and senses. When you learn to be quiet and relaxed then your mind can go to a higher state of consciousness and can lift your vibrational frequencies where you can receive guidance and help form the spirit world.

Mediation might seem hard, but it is not, and it can be very simple and effective.


In order to meditate, find a quiet place and sit there and breathe deep for about ten minutes. Make sure that the place is peaceful and calm and quiet. Be able to relax and be calm.

Sit up tall and close your eyes and deep breathe.

Focus on how you are breathing and imagine that there is a light that is white, and it is all around you. This light is flowing in all directions and will raise your energy level up. Leave a space for your meditation to take place.

Take the light inside of you and exhale and let go of negative things that have worried your or harmed you. Relax even more and let go of any thoughts that are not covered in light. The white light should be all around you.

When you release this light, call on your angels and ask your guides to give you information that can help you and others. Release your energies to the universe and ask for the greatest good to come to you.

Imagine that you are in the light and that all your darkness is gone. Open your senses and allow your spirit guides and angels to guide you.

Think about a flower and it is opening and shining. Imagine that your heart is opening, and that light is entering your heart.

Breathe and sit still while your vibrational energy increases. Be aware of your life and what is happening around you. Release the negative things and worry and judgment that follows you and be aware of good things. Focus on your breathing and stay in the present.

Breathe in the light and let your emotions be strong. Notice if any images come to your mind. Notice if you hear any words or feel anything around you. Release any negativity that you have.

Relax and breathe deeply.


Write down what you felt and what happened when you meditated and do this each time you do. As you write things down, you will realize that you have insight to other things that you didn’t realize that you had. Let your mind write things down.

Do not judge or want to be negative, just write down what you are feeling and what clear visions you had. This will increase your psychic gifts.

When you are ready, close your meditation by breathing and centering your energy. You will feel your energy in your body. Move your body and imagine the energy coming all through your body. Let the energy anchor you and ground you.

Thank your spirit guides and your angels for helping you. Always practice this as long as as many times as you need in order to awaken something new inside of you. Mediation takes focus and patience, but you can have great experiences when you do this.

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