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Rediscover Your Creativity As An Adult

When we're young, we're wonderfully creative, approaching the world as a blank canvas where anything is possible. As adults, we often let go of this creativity and spontaneity as reality sets in and begins to reshape our world. If you've been stuck in a predictable rut that doesn't include anything surprising, exciting, or authentic, it's time to reignite your inner creativity. Though it may be buried, you haven't lost it. Try these suggestions to find your creative side again so you can approach life in a fresh new way.

Take a Meditative Journey

There are many meditations that can help you unleash your creativity. You can listen to pre-recorded prompts, work with an online psychic to find a starting point, or simply invent a creative journey for yourself. One of the more common prompts for this activity is to close your eyes and envision a natural place that you'd like to retreat to, such as a beach, rainforest, or meadow. Somewhere in this setting, there's a hidden treasure chest, but you must explore until you find it.

Turn a Familiar Story Upside Down

Take a story that you know well and reimagine it from the viewpoint of another character. What does Hansel and Gretel look like from the narrative of the witch? What story would a dwarf tell about Snow White? The well-known storybook setting gives you a familiar place to start, but the untold viewpoint will help you unleash your creative side.

Brainstorm Without Barriers

Disney's Imagineers use a practice known as "blue sky" brainstorming where the sky is the limit and no idea is turned down. Adopt this approach yourself when you're trying to solve a problem. Don't eliminate any suggestion as too wild, unlikely, or impossible. Entertaining outlandish suggestions will activate your creativity and lead you to outcomes you never would have reached before.

Strategize With a Child

Children are far more creative than most adults. If you really want to tap into your innate creativity, consider working with a child to do it. Ask a 6-year-old to help you finish a story and watch how it evolves in fantastical ways. Enlist a kid to help you solve a problem, paint a picture, or plan an adventure and give them the lead. Only shut down their suggestions if they propose something unsafe. Otherwise, let the good times roll!

Do Something Foreign

Approach a task that you've never done before to experience the process of learning without any previous biases or beliefs. This might be baking a cake, making a clay sculpture, getting a tarot reading, creating a daisy chain, or taking a night hike. The opportunities are endless. You must simply find something that you know nothing about and tackle it with zeal.

Rediscovering your creativity is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Once this flame is burning bright, there's no end to the places that it can take you.

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