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Relationship Split

I specialize in relationship readings and quite often this involves a relationship split. I have over the years used various resources to help me to work with my client to free them from pain.

It is not immediate though and there is a process to go through and sometimes it can feel quite slow. It is all to do with your karmic destiny, however, whatever happens is the best possible thing.

I find working with the angels is a blessing and they have their own unique way of working on you. They may convey their messages to me to pass on to you or come to you direct. You could find that after a relationship split that your senses and intuition are a lot sharper.

A relationship split can be a painful and life changing journey and often one that you did not see coming. You could have been living together and in a long term relationship and agreed a separation. This brings with it complications of sorting out the home and money aspect of the relationship.

There will be a range of emotions and a feeling of fear and dread for the future which is not what you thought it would be. You have to adapt and cope at a time when you are heartbroken and uncertain about your future. This is a good time to explore your spiritual side because you will be growing and changing on a spiritual level.

The first place to start is working with the angels who are around you and understanding how they work. You are protected through your connection with the angels and you can pray to them to help you with healing and hope for the future. There is an angel assigned to you for a specific purpose and at a time of a split it is usually an angel of healing.

There are several angels but the one that stands out to me the most is Angel Raphael and if your partner has cheated he will bring you compassion and support. Your confidence may have been knocked and he will help you to find inner strength and confidence to move forward.

There are various rituals and mantras that you can do to work with the angels and feel their healing energy. There are several angels for you to think about who could help you with various situations around your split.

I have named them here but you can research them and see which is the right one for you. They are: Blake, Tara, Josephine, Rebecca, Robert, Hannah and Terrina. They are associated with healing, comfort, love, inner peace, confidence, balance, courage and attraction.

who is around you and bringing messages to help you to fearlessly move in to the area that is in need of healing. There will be several angels around you to help you to achieve this. When you are facing some important challenges your angel reminds you to be open to your own healing power and the power of the universe.

There are many angel healers around you and you will find the answers also come through the words and directions of others. The angels healing power will help you to find peace in certain areas of your life and you will then be more clear about the direction you would like to go in.

You have certain protection so that you can take risks and find the courage to do what you need to do. When you are in a split you are in the midst of changing circumstances and being aligned to start getting your life sorted. It is time to take responsibility for yourself and use the talents and gifts that reside within you.

Raphael will help you to get in touch with the shadow side of yourself and bring it in to the life. You will find that you will be much more in the forefront of things than before. There is a message from Raphael that true forgiveness can help you to heal and move forward. If someone has hurt you whether intentionally or unintentionally it is now time to move on from that.

Your love life will be more favorable in the future and you will find it easier to give love and receive love. This will open up doors for you and help you to make good progress with the right person in your life. You will no longer be carrying baggage from the past it will be gone.

Your angel will bring the right people in to your life now because you have outgrown some people. You realize that what you need are good people around you who encourage and support you. If you pick up negative vibes from someone then get out of their energy and develop your own positive energy.

Love and Light,


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