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Seeing Colours During Meditation? This Is What They Mean.

Seeing Colours During Meditation? This Is What They Mean. MeditationEnergy + Chakras

What is the nature of color? Do colors have spiritual meanings? Why are some chakras connected with certain colors?

My journey into meditation has been anyting but linear. My involvement in meditation and spiritual practices dates back decades, but I will tell you up front that the path was nothin short of confusing and filled with frustration. I had no idea what I was doing. Nor did I have a clue where to serach for guidance, mentors or masters to learn from. In the beginning, I learnt meditation soley from watching guided meditations on Youtube and jigsawing the pieces together with the aid of books. Being a self-taught meditator, I made alot of mistakes, hit a ton of deadends, and rerouted to all different directions until I found the right fit for me. Even to this day, my practice continues to evolve as I accumulate more knowledge through teaching and being a lifelong student of the arts.

I remember when I first started meditating in sound baths, the thing that hooked my interest instantaneously was seeing swirling vivid colours, even though my eyes were closed. It felt like I was dreaming, or watching a cinematic film from the back of my mind’s eye. For 45 minutes, I as the gongs vibrated throughout the room, I was transported to another dimension. This was not what I expected, but I laid there on the yoga mat thoroughly enjoying the new experience, keeping myself open to the new possibilities I was not yet aware of. As the sound bath came to a closing, the facilitator asked us to open our eyes slowly. We were asked to share our experience, thoughts and emotions. It turns out that seeing visions and colours is not something that happens to everyone, nor does it happen all the time. Even when people do see visions of colors, the shades of the rainbow are different for each individual person.

Chances are you’ve clicked on this article because you have seen colors during a meditation, sound bath or other spiritual experience. Now you want to go deeper and understand the symbolism behind the colours. Let’s begin by exploring the colors associated with the chakras. Given that meditation is anchored in channeling energy, and chakras are powerful energy centers within and around the body, it makes sense for us to start excavating the meanings of colours here. Colors Of Each Chakra Explained These are the 7 major chakras within the body and their correlating colors: Root Chakra - Muladhara = Red Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana = Orange Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura - Yellow Heart Chakra - Anahata = Green Throat Chakra - Vishudda = Blue Third Eye Chakra - Ajna = Indigo Crown Chakra - Sahasrara = Pure White / Violet Seeing certain colours during meditation can be a message that a specific chakra requires healing and attention. For example, if you see colors and shade of red duirng a deep meditative state, it could be a signal from your body’s higher wisdom that your root chakra needs work. The understanding of colors is also dependent on wehther you have an overactive, underactive or balanced chakra. Dark murky red, vibrant blood red, and lighter pastel reds all carry different symbolic meanings. Embrace The Experience With Awareness It is not unusual for people to see colors during meditation. In some cases, seeing colors can be an indication that you are going deeper into your meditation and its spiritual aspects. I cannot explain how I know this, but when I started seeing colours consistenly during my meditation practice, I just knew in my heart that a whole new world that can only be seen witht the spiritual eye had opened up for me. Meditation teachers and spiritual masters explain that seeing vivid swirling colors are quite prevalent to people who are new to meditation and those who are in a deeper state of inner consciousness.

Seeing Colors Can Be A Healing Experience Whether you see colors or not is a not a determinator of how good or bad you are at meditation. Some people’s senses are stronger in visuals, whereas others are stronger in touch, or smell. I am a person who can visualize very clearly because that is just how my brain is wired. You may have seen colors a few times and then stopped seeing them. Or you may only see them when you are in a certain state of mind. My rule is to always follow your intuition and the cues that your body is giving you, and refrain from judging yourself when you don’t get a certain result. I always find it very interesting when I pay attention to what’s happening in my inner world. Seeing visions of colours is one of the ways I work with energy healing within the body. When intentionally working with energy medicine, we choose specific colours to amplify the healing process. What Spiritual Masters Say About It Deepak Chopra, one of the pioneer meditation and spiritual teachers of our generation explains what seeing colors mean: Seeing colors during meditation is a common, healing experience. According to Ayurveda and other Eastern healing systems, each color relates to a specific chakra or energy center in the body, so when you see a given color, it means that healing is taking place in that area of the body. If you see green colors, for example, your heart chakra is being rejuvenated and renewed. Visions of blue indicate that the throat chakra area is healing itself. Buddhist Spiritual Master, Anandmurti Gurumaa answers this questions: When you sit and find this light coming to you, well… it is nothing very spectacular. It is a very normal thing. Many aspirants find these colors, see these colors. It is a sign that somehow the concentration level has gone to the occipital lobe in your brain and that is why these different colors can be seen by the person who is meditating.

Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist teacher and author, says: You may begin to notice unusual things – like a delightful sense of rhythm in your breathing, or the way in which your body subtly moves in response to your heartbeat. These are signs that you are developing more concentration and awareness in meditation, and you would be wise to pay attention to such experiences. Some of the things you might experience might seem a little odd. A common example is seeing patterns of moving lights. This is a good sign, in that you are moving into a deeper state of concentration. But it’s best not to pay much attention to those lights or they will turn into a distraction and slow your progress.

The Major Colors Demystified (For Meditation) In my teachings, I often talk about the importance of staying in expanded awareness so that we can process the messages that are coming through. I like to understand the symbolism behind the colors I see because it’s a feedback from my body to address issues that are going on within my life. In the list below, you will see that the meanings behind each color are categorized by positive and negative aspects. You can determine whether the color you are seeing is negative or positive by recognizing its shade. Bright, vibrant colors indicate positive influences whereas dark and murky shades of the sam color indicate negative influences.

White Symbolism: Energy in its purest, highest form. A pure, all white aura is the mark of a being who has transcended the limitations of the physical realm. Seeing white may mean you are spiritually attuned and possess an openness and receptiveness to the universe’s magic. Positive Aspects: Truth, enlightenment, purity, peace, comfort, divine light, transformation, rebirth Negative Aspects: Energy processing is out of alignment.

Black Symbolism: A state of complete absorption. Black is not necessarily a negative color to see. Black can be used to absorb dark energies and remove darknes from your life. Positive Aspects: Silence, peace, patience Negative Aspects:

Red Symbolism: Red is the color of the first root chakra, located at the base of your spine and related to your connection to the physical realm, your body, and the material world. Positive Aspects: love, energy, passion, power, stregnth, willpower, survival, Negative Aspects: anger, danger, fear, ego, overworked, overly controlling, frustration, trauma, lethargy, exhaustion.

Orange Symbolism: Orange relates to the second sacral chakra, which rules your sexuality, creativity and emotions. Positive Aspects: courage, confidence, creativity, success, ability to relate, perceptive, joy, Negative Aspects: ignorance, sluggishness, addiction, trouble commiting, stiffness, isolation, emotional instability, numbness.

Yellow Symbolism: Related to the solar plexu chakra, this color is cheerful and energetic. It’s main issues are power and energy. Positive Aspects: Vitality, strength of will, sense of purpose, happines, strong sense of self, motivational, encouraging, supportive, generosity. Negative Aspects: Inability to slow down, need to be in control, rage addiction, timidity, low energy, chronic fatigue, addiction to stimulating substances.

Green Symbolism: Green relates to the heart chakra and represents the colo of love, healing, personal growth and change. Positive Aspects: Call to nature, balance in relationships and with self, compassion, self-acceptance, peaceful, unconditional love. Negative Aspects: Jealousy, envy, vicimization, isolation, codependency, clingingness.

Blue Symbolism: Blues are related to communication of the throat chakra, ruling communication and self-expression. Positive Aspects: Self-expression, harmony with elf and others, creativity, good communication, resonance with self and others, spiritual, intuitive, emphatic, artistic, sensitive, receptive, calm, tranquil, honest. Negative Aspects: Inability to self-express and release emotions, blocked creativity

Indigo Symbolism: Indigo blue is the color of the third eye chakra, ruling over intution, and inspiration. ts frequency is the second highest vibrational energy of the visible color spectrum and relates to deep inner knowing. Positive Aspects: Ability to perceive intuitively. People who see colors indigo generally “just know things”. Highly senitive, attuned to energy, Negative Aspects: Self-doubt,d disconnection with intuition, uncertainty, hallucinations, poor perception.

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