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Soul Connection & Soul Perspective Part 8 - Romance & Relationships

I am Angel Anne Ext 16 and I work as a Psychic Advisor at

This is the eighth video of a series about your soul, how the soul perceives the world around itself, how blockages are being created, how you can make choices that are in alignment with who you are at a soul level, soul connections which can also be expressed as past life connections or soulmate connections and twin flames and much more.

Part 8 of Soul Connection & Soul Perspective - Romance & Relationships

Relationships in all its forms is close to our heart and important to all of us. Romantic relationships are one of the biggest questions and concerns in our lives. Often to the point where we forget the relationship to ourselves which is the outmost important one.

From the Soul's perspective, the relationship with yourself is what is the foundation for all other relationships. Loving yourself unconditionally means to accept yourself just as you are with all positive and negative traits and experiences.

To attract the love you want, you need to be it, breathe it, express it, think it and live it. If you experience challenges finding that wonderful love you want, turn focus towards yourself and start to accept and love all parts of yourself. Treat yourself with loving actions as you would treat someone you truly love. It may sound simple, and it is. At the same time, most are challenged by this and seek love outside themselves just to discover that it can feel hard to find. The simple answer to this is that you cannot attract what you are not.

Remember not to be hard on yourself in the process. There is nothing wrong with you. Love yourself! When you give yourself the attention and love you deserve and stop seeking it outside of yourself, that is when it comes to you. This goes for all other relationships as well. Working on yourself is the essential key for all relationships.

There is no such thing as finding someone that will bring you selflove and happiness without you having it for yourself. And all relationships in all forms needs to be worked on by all involved. It is a continuous process and so worth it. Love is the highest energy of all, and love is infinite. We all have others that are in full alignment with us.

Don't settle for less than you want and deserve as that will only keep you in a loop of searching for what you want. Don't put your life on hold and wait forever for someone, set a timeline for how long you are willing to wait and release them if they don't come around. This enables you to find that which you truly seek. And sometimes, the ones we long to have in our lives finally come around because we no longer hold on to the energy.

Much of what have been said here can be applied to all relationships as well as family and friends. It most often feels more challenging with family because we have a presumption that we have to accept much more which is not really true. Just remember to come from a place of love and you can meet most people where they are.

Finally, because love is the highest energy of all ... it can conquer all and everything! Love yourself first!

Thank you for watching Soul Connections & Soul Perspective Part 8. Stay tuned for Soul Connections & Soul Perspective Part 9 about Coping with Changes & Transformations

Coming soon ...

Love & Light Angel Anne Ext 16

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