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Spirit Guides

Types of Spirit Guides

Let’s discuss some types of Spirit Guides you have, and what they do for you on your journey. We will discuss the types of Spirit Guides we have working with us at any given time, and how our spiritual path decides who our guides will be. Yes, you DO decide who your team will be whether you realize it or not. Whatever energy frequency you are currently living at will be met with guides who not only match that frequency but will help you ascend to the next level.

In most western spiritual belief systems, a spirit guide is a disembodied entity whose purpose is to serve the living by assisting us on our life’s journey helping us to align ourselves with a higher or divine purpose. These beings can range from loved ones who have passed to angels, or spirits residing in nature. Seems simple right? But the truth is: those that who serve as spirit guides and messengers have little limitations of expression, much like the universe itself. No matter where we are in life, no matter who we are, our guides are always with us, ready to assist, light the path, and guide the way to a better version of ourselves. We need only choose to listen and walk the path.

Spirit Guides as Messengers

Animals, random people/strangers, music, and elementals belong in the category of spirit messengers. I have found that these types of guides provide clarity on what’s happening in the present. Whether the clarity required is for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being—these entities show up with the answer. And, if you do not understand it the first time, the same message will find you repeatedly until you get it.

If you’ve ever had a butterfly flitting past you, a song stuck on repeat in your head, or a random stranger comes up to you with powerful words that ignite your core – you have been visited by a spirit messenger. They are answering the questions you have asked in your prayers, beseeching, and calling for help from the universe. The universe heard your plea and sent a messenger to you with the answer. Your job is to keep yourself open as much as possible to not only hear, but to listen closely with all your being, and incorporate this wisdom into your life as much as possible.

Sometimes when our prayers, questions, or pleas are being answered, we miss it the first time, because perhaps we are in too much pain, distracted, or just too busy. In those times you can expect to see the same animal messengers repeatedly. You will hear the same song everywhere you go… you will hear the same message from different people to the point you may feel as if you’re being stalked, haunted, or hunted. But, in truth, it is the universe making sure you are getting the message to the point you surrender all need to ignore the lesson and fully step into this new knowledge.

Animals, elementals, and music have all been tools of the divine or the Gods themselves in diverse cultures for many years, and still hold such importance to this day. On almost every continent there has been a practice of listening to animals, nature, and its music to help us better understand ourselves. So, when you are visited by one or many of these messengers… don’t just hear them, listen closely.

When It Comes to Spirit Guides - You Are Never Alone

With the explanation of the distinct types of spirit guides, how they work with us, and where we meet them - find comfort in this truth: spirit is always talking to you, serving you, working with you, and teaching you. Whether it be the mundane world, the astral plane, or the spiritual realms, it is impossible to be alone in this universe filled with helpers. They are ready to love you, nurture you, and assist you all the time, everywhere, and by any means necessary. So, when you feel misunderstood, alone, or lost, find the silence within, and listen. Your spirit guides will always be there to help you find the light.

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