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Star Signs & Love

Whether you are into monogamy, polyamory, boys, girls, non-binary people, online dating, one-night-stands, or none of the above, our star signs can show us how we act in relationships and who we might best match with.

That’s where Psychics Secrets comes in - we will show you which star signs are most typically in love, as well as how to make your relationship work.

Star Sign Compatibility: What Does It Mean?

Your sun sign can tell you a lot about how you are in a relationship and how strong your and your partner’s star sign compatibility is.

Let us take a look at the signs’ best matches.


The first of the zodiac signs, Aries are fiery and impulsive, spirited in their approach to life. Aries thrive on physical affection, both in their sex life and other aspects of life. Their best star sign compatibility is with Leo and Sagittarius, as they have a similar attitude towards life.


Taureans are incredibly practical and romantic, and they are also arguably the most sensual of all the star signs when it comes to the bedroom. Taureans are a terrific match with other earth signs - Virgo and Capricorn - as they have the same lust for life and its luxuries.


Geminis love adventure, having large amounts of energy when it comes to stimulation, especially in the bedroom. True to their dualistic nature, opposites attract with Geminis! Their most compatible sign is Sagittarius, as they can stimulate each other’s energy.


As they are a water sign, those with a Cancer sun sign are extremely sensitive, which can come across as having awkward energy until you earn their trust. Due to this, they are most compatible with fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces, as they can communicate intuitively and nonverbally. The best sex match for a Cancer is Capricorn, who provide both a safe home life and the opportunity to get kinky!


Leos are extravagant and passionate, especially when they are in love. When matched with Aries and Sagittarius, the attraction is magnetic, making their astrological love compatibility off the charts! Leo is also an interesting match with Aquarius, as they balance out one another.


Virgos are rational thinkers, making decisions based on logic alone. Thus, fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn make Virgos feel stable and grounded, whereas emotional and psychic Pisces can provide emotional healing.


Libras are the most flirty - exuding an extremely agreeable nature and flirtatious energy. They make an amazing match with fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius, whereas Aries balance them out.


Scorpios are incredibly passionate people. Like Cancer and Pisces, they are very dedicated, making this an intense love match. However, their best physical match is Taurus - their sex life will be unparalleled.


Adventurous to the core, Sagittariuses have a high sex drive, which can leave them being perceived as heartbreakers or as having quite an abrupt nature. Sagittarius’ star sign compatibility is best matched with Aries and Leo, who make a passionate and thrilling relationship.


If Capricorns had a motto, it would be ‘work hard, play hard’! Capricorns are by far the kinkiest of the zodiac signs, which can be balanced out with Cancer’s romanticism. However, their best match is either Taurus or Virgo for a dedicated and sensual relationship.


Aquarians are humanitarians by nature. This means they often focus on the bigger picture of real life society, leaving partners feeling neglected at times. However, Gemini and Libra share a similar world view, and Leos are a fantastic intellectual match, all of which boasting a rich awareness of life.


Pisces are sweet, creative, and sometimes even psychic. They pick up on people’s energies, making them very open minded. Pisces are the most suited sun sign to being in an open relationship. Relationships with Cancers and Scorpios make for an emotionally rewarding and grounded partnership.

How To Make Your Relationship Work If Your Signs Aren’t Compatible

If your partner’s sign isn’t listed as one that you are compatible with - don’t worry! Just because you are not compatible, this doesn’t mean that your relationship won’t work - it just means that you will both need to make the effort to understand each other and potentially make some compromises.

Let us take a look at an example…

Taureans and Scorpios in particular can struggle with Aquarian energy. Aquarians love to stick to strict morals, whereas Taureans and Scorpios are more free-spirited. In the worst cases, this can come across as attacking and self-righteous, which we can agree is the making of a bad match!

Despite Taurus and Scorpio star signs being undoubtedly the worst match for Aquarians, they can still make their relationship work by focussing on expanding their experiences and exploring new perspectives on life. Aquarians also need to ensure they make time for their partner, setting aside time to focus solely on what is right in front of them.

The same can be said for every sign’s worst match - by acknowledging and addressing the main difference in your relationship, you will be able to identify a viable solution for making your relationship continue to grow stronger and stronger. Every relationship needs time, energy, and effort, coupled with healthy communication to stand the test of time.

How Psychic Love Readings Can Help You Understand Your Relationship

Psychic love readings can give you a more in-depth understanding of your relationship, going into more detail than the generalised tips above. Psychic love readings use all kinds of astrology - Chinese astrology, Western astrology, and Indian astrology - to offer tailored advice for each individual relationship, highlighting areas where you might improve your communication or physical connection.

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