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Sun Signs & Love and Compatibility

Aries Aries tend to have a strong negative response when someone attempts to control their free spirit, especially in romantic relationships. They like to be on the move, so it’s smart to create situations where they can be reckless. If you have feelings for an Aries, be clear about it. If they don’t respond, don’t push it. Aries dislike neediness.

Good matches: The high-spirited Leo is another fire sign, making for a feisty match. Consider a Libra for an “opposites attract union.”

Taurus The Taurus likes to be in close contact—emotionally and physically. They also like the comfort that comes with a routine. Make them feel relaxed and secure, and spend lots of time cuddling or taking long walks. Save any talk about your quirks or mental health issues for later.

Good matches: The nurturing Cancer has a strong sensual side. The metaphysical Pisces is also a romantic. The practical Virgo shares your values.

Gemini The Gemini needs constant challenge and stimulation. They also make quick connections. Keep them on their toes with a sharp sense of humor and unpredictable style, ensuring they never grow bored. Don’t try to pin them down to a schedule because it will push them away.

Good matches: Freedom-loving Sagittarius is attracted to a Gemini’s energy. Sociable Aquarius is another good match.

Cancer Cancer is often loving and intimate to the point of clinginess. They want to know everything about you and want you to know everything about them. Ask questions about their family and share your emotions in detail whenever possible.

Good matches: Sensitive Pisces is able to relate well to Cancer’s nurturing. Strong Capricorn provides safety and security.

Leo Leo is charming yet loyal and makes a faithful partner. Yet Leo can also be very controlling. Act with confidence when dating a Leo and be prepared to prove your attraction. Shower Leo with compliments and small gifts won’t hurt either.

Good matches: Flirty Libra is another good game player. A partnership with fiery Scorpio will be passionate.

Virgo Although Virgo is empathic, their high expectations can be a challenge to live up to. However, Virgo is nothing but devoted once a good match is made. Flattery will get you everywhere. Engage in verbal sparring when the opportunity presents itself. Just let Virgo believe the control is in their hands.

Good matches: Practical Capricorn understands how Virgo’s mind works. Another Virgo may be just what is needed for a quality relationship.

Libra Libra is ready to settle down with a special someone and apt to find them quickly with such a flirty, magnetic personality. Just don’t act territorial if you do get together because Libra can’t turn off the charm even though they aren’t looking for someone else.

Good matches: Independent Sagittarius responds to Libra’s charm. So does the traditional-minded Capricorn.

Scorpio Appealing and intense, Scorpio gets plenty of attention so let them know you share the same attraction. Go ahead and play intriguing head games, as long as you convey that they are for entertainment purposes only.

Good matches: Equally serious Capricorn feels protective of Scorpio, while emotionally aware Pisces is able to spar well with Scorpio.

Sagittarius The last thing Sagittarius wants to do is settle down. They long for excitement. Instead of pushing for a commitment, tread lightly with your Sagittarius. Indulge in their free spirit and let things play out on their own the way they are supposed to.

Good matches: Aquarius doesn’t want a routine either and is attracted to Sagittarius for the lack of domesticity. Another Sagittarius may seem perfect, as long as both agree to frequent reality checks.

Capricorn Devoted and attentive Capricorn just wants to find “the one.” It’s okay to take things slowly with a Capricorn because if the connection is there, it can mean happily ever after.

Good matches: Compassionate Pisces will keep Capricorn from becoming too serious about life in general.

Aquarius Friendly Aquarius is independent and unconventional. The right person will entice them to settle down a bit but they will always have their own ideas. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t when wooing an Aquarius. Show your true colors and wait for a response.

Good matches: An Aquarius is one of the only signs unconventional enough to complement another Aquarius.

Pisces Pisces is so emotional that they often fall fast for the wrong person because they miss the warning signs. Pisces wants to love and be loved back. Avoid criticism and show your romantic side if you want to forge a relationship.

Good matches: A Pisces and a Pisces is a recipe for a passionate long-lasting union.

- Love & Light to All

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