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Symbolism of Seeing a Rabbit


If you're seeing a lot of rabbit symbols, the universe may be sending you a message associated with this creature. The rabbit can represent many intriguing things.

Rabbit Omens

Rabbits are associated with fertility, good fortune, cleverness, creativity, spontaneity, and wealth. If you see rabbit symbols frequently, the universe may be telling you:

  • Good fortune is coming.

  • It's time for creative pursuits.

  • You should trust your intuition and take the leap.

  • It's time to grow your family.

Connecting With the Rabbit Spirit

If you consider the rabbit your spirit animal, this can signify both creativity and a certain skittishness. Though the rabbit is sometimes associated with fear, it is also known to have a keen sense of danger. The rabbit can guide your intuition and warn you of threats, but you should be careful not to let anxiety or worries go too far. Instead, call on the rabbit's cleverness to protect yourself.

Rabbit Symbolism in Different Cultures

Many Native American cultures consider the rabbit a trickster. This quick critter is thought to be mischievous, though not malevolent.

The Germanic goddess Eostre is associated with the rabbit, fertility, and springtime. It is from this deity that the Christian Easter celebration took its name. Easter also carries the symbol of the fruitful rabbit along with it.

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