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The 5 Signs: What Are His Feelings For Me?

We have all been there, you find yourself interested in someone. Or you have had a relationship break up and you are just wanting to know what they are thinking and feeling in regards to you. I love these readings, as each one has its own identity and special set of circumstances.

1. Rather than making excuses and creating justifications as to why things aren’t moving forward. Instead they are making changes, and taking down any barriers that stand in the way. Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

2. Body language. When you connect in the physical realm you draw him to you. Often he will lean in. Listening or communicating with you. He is also coming forward in ways that create action.

3. Contact. He finds ways to connect in a physical sense. A slight touch with his fingers. Being protective and leaning in towards you. Your comfort is important to him.

4. Wordless energy through the eyes. When someone is important to you we build a natural energy that is uplifting.

5. Rapport. When you are together everything is in sync. There is no awkwardness. Often you will mirror each other without being conscious of it.

5 Signs he isn’t.

1. You are having to make the move first for communication.

2. He doesn’t ask you how you are, or how your day has been.

3. It is all about him.

4. He is saying he’s not ready for a relationship.

5. He’s got time for friends, but not for you.

It is never easy knowing or understand sometimes what another person is thinking even under the best of circumstances. With matters of the heart that always adds another layer of doubt or misreading the signs we are being given.

In a reading often get insight into where someone’s intentions are. It is very easy in life to become complacent when it comes to our partners or our lovers. If one person has clarity about what they want. It sometimes doesn’t occur to them that they don’t appear to be invested in you or the relationship. Being complacent doesn’t mean you don’t love the other person. It can mean that you feel so secure that you easily become distracted of your partners needs.

If you would like me to look into your current situation or with an ex, I would love to see what your unique situation offers as a way to move forward or move on. My gift is to remote view.

That means that I will look for thoughts deeds and actions around You, the other person and the current situation.

So that our reading is really quick start the reading with your name and date of birth, the other person’s name and age or date of birth. I also need a time snapshot, so when you first and last communicated.

Love and Light

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